Well, well, well it’s another glorious day for nu disco wouldn’t you say? It never ceases to amaze me how I’ll feel like a week is going kind of slow for releases then recap time comes around and I have to pare down like crazy. This week fit that mould precisely.

It’s also amazing how we now live in an age where you never have to hear the same song twice, and we don’t even really have to put in that much effort to do so. It almost makes you think that maybe we’re missing something. Back in the day of albums you’d: buy it, listen to the dickens out of it, learn the whole thing by heart, and anchor your memories of that time to those tracks. Now we’re just constantly satisfying our human itch for what’s new. Are there any tracks that stick around longer for you than others these days? Or have songs become more fleeting?

Just something to ponder as you listen to 11 brand new tracks of disco gold. Let’s dive in!

– The biggest news of the week comes from indie-electro founders Digitalism. Who, with their original ‘Second Chance’, have once again redefined a genre and lept out to an early lead on the year’s best tracks. It’s sweeping, uplifting, with unrelenting groove that commands the listener to shake things out. I love this track (maybe this one will stick around longer for me).

– The french dream team, J-Art & Madan have done it again with their ‘The Sound Of Silence’. I’ve scarcely heard tracks that these guys produce independently, but I’m thinking this is a ‘whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts’ situation. The synergy to create quality tracks is undeniable. And you’ve got to love the Simon & Garfunkel throw back in there!

– Harmonic disco champion Jack LNDN is back at it this week with his remix of ‘Falling Short’. True to style floating pad synths echo over choice track selection, all to be complemented by a delightfully chilled and tropical hook.

Matoma was apparently very excited about the opportunity to remix Tegan & Sarah’s ‘I Can’t Take It’. Or at least his social media activity would have us believe. And it’s not hard to see why, the original makes for great fodder for his developing signature trop house remix style. This one’s a bit more cinematic than many of his other remixes, which is a great progression in my mind.

-A brand new artist, to my ears at least, is Roisto with this fiery original ‘Apart In Love’. With’s got organic funk lines paired with well rounded synth sweeps that almost remind one of Daft Punk.

T O R N  continues to bridge between disco and hard hitting electro with his original ‘Night Hawk’. You may ask: Griffin why do you keep putting T O R N tracks in? They’re getting a pretty far away from nu disco, don’t you think? Well, A, I dig the sound in a big way so Imma write about it. But more importantly he showcases how a strong funk, walking bass line can hold down a wide variety of tunes.

-Let’s get one thing straight, nothing is going to get the ladies’ hands in the air like this next one. Bolivard has remixed the classic ‘Suit & Tie’ and called it Future Disco. Not sure what he’s going for there with the genre, because with big funk lines and xylophone lines galore this things feeling very OG disco.

-Yet another fresh artist, Years has garnered my attention with his remix of Sonny Alven’s ‘Shallow Waters’. First off, great track to take a swing at as an emerging artist. Secondly, a big tip of the hat for getting this depth of production this early in your career.

-Some tracks get a TON of remixes, and ‘Brooklyn Baby’ is definitely one of them. I’ve featured a few of them here myself. But this Yuksek remix is next level. It’s unparalleled in both it’s creativity, and it’s conservation of a beautiful original. Sax and guitar lines were really what Lana was looking for this whole time.

-Indie dance track of the week comes courtesy of Carousel with their ‘OutRight’. It’s a classic take on alt rock track. It stays uplifting and refreshing, while enabling the track to go from road trip, to dance floor, to late night smoke session with ease.

-If I’m certain of one thing this week, it’s that Motez is about to get a ton of plays on this remix. It’s a take on Sam Smith’s ‘Leave Your Lover’, excellent track selection doing a lot of heavy lifting here for sure. But honestly vocal deconstruction, progressive keys, and an impeccable hook are here to satisfy even the most discerning remix connoisseur. This one’s going to be on at deep house clubs across the country this weekend.


That’s it for this week, thanks so much for tuning in. As always I’ll be back next Friday to fill you in on the latest and greatest. And if you don’t feel like waiting, just follow me on SoundCloud and I’ll get you dancing all week long. Happy Friday!