Coming in a little late for you crazy disco cats but boy-oh-boy do we have some jams to fill up your weekend! We’ve got huge releases from some legends, under-the-radar remixes, and some chill out goldies to help you with the come down. It may look icy out there but let’s dive head first into some disco to heat us up.

-Off the top the main man Kavinsky is back at it with ‘Sovereign’. True to style he pushes the envelope for heavy, french synth work and provides prime driving music for your 80s alter ego. His music has never felt particularly upbeat, but this brooding track seems to fit particularly well with our current loss of sunlight.

Gigamesh has pumped out a real classic with this bouncy, progressive track ‘Back 2 Life’. It’s a long one, that I’m sure will make its way into many a club set in the coming weeks. Yet this track still showcases what nu disco is meant to be bouncy, fun, and not-too-dominating.

-My favorite track of the week right here with Bixel Boys’ remix of Theophilus London’s ‘Tribe’. This things an absolute showstopper. London’s lyrics get chopped all up and laid in with the hottest bass line you’ve heard in a hot second. This thing will be taking clubs over the top all weekend long.

URFRIENDS are new kids on the blog for sure, but this remix of ‘Human’ shows some serious business. It’s a very ethereal track but it’s the track selection and subtle synth lines that showcase a ton of potential. Plainly put, I wanna be their friend.

Le P. come in with the pop remix of the week with this rerub ‘Your Love’ by Nicole Sherzinger (yes the lead face from The Pussycat Dolls). This track is another prime example of road trip disco for sure, with its uplifting melodies. Beware though trop-house fans P’s pad synth is out to steal your heart, and I think it might just succeed.

Keljet doesn’t want their remix run to end, so they’re laid another Tobtok remix on us. This time taking on ‘Savanna’. They’ve laid some serious bounce tracks over the lovely vocals. With consistent production like this the Keljet is indeed gaining some serious altitude.

-If there’s one track I hope gets the remix book thrown at it, it’s ‘Young Rivals’ by Night Drive. I want a proper deep house remix, a disco remix, a future beats remix, a piano rendition, an acapella, an orchestral symphony cover. Oh and this funkified jam from Off Da Clock

-Our indie dance track of the week comes courtesy of LVTHER with ‘One Look’. Whispery vocals, thumping bass lines want to draw you into their arms. Then brilliantly poppy synth lines soar in to seal the deal.

Samuraii are back at it with tihs hyper chilled remix of James Vincent McMorrow’s ‘Cavalier’. McMorrow’s vocals make for great tracks in any case, but Samuraii’s pesudo-pan flute really take things up a notch.

Kungs have absolutely crushed a classic. This chilly cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ shows off everything we loved about the original and adds some better piano work. Oh and a tip of the hat to whoever Molly his who provided vocals on this jam.


That’s all for this week thanks for tuning in! As always I’ll be back next Friday, or just follow me on SoundCloud for daily disco doses.