Today we’ve got an extra special release for you and a feature like I’ve never before had a chance to write up. A while back the up-and-comer Dany Kole messaged me about some new tracks he was working on, given his deep portfolio of productions I was elated to hear that he wanted to tell me a little more about the track. So take a read below and see a little bit inside of the man’s mind and what he’s got coming up, plus enjoy a playlist of the tracks that have directly influenced ‘Paradise’.

But first! A little about the track. It’s called ‘Paradise’ and lives up to every bit of it’s name. Kole keeps hitting light and bubbly with this one invoking the vibe of the coolest late night pool party you’ve ever been to. Vocal work from Marc Haize helps to round out the production with soothing lyrics; if a voice could never take it’s sunglasses off, this is the voice would be shaded up 24/7. Best of all the tracks available for free DL so go grab it!

This is your second original release in the past month, what’s fueling your production schedule right now?
These tracks were made several months ago and I was searching how to release them, and finally I give away them as a free download. I have many ideas for the upcoming tracks. I will have 2-3 more singles coming next, one more pop style, one disco, one some kind of chill collab with female vocalist. I like to play with different genres now, then after that, we will see. Maybe I’ll focus on something more than a single.
Marc Haize’s vocals bring some really unique flavor to this track, how’d you guys meet and decide to make a track together?
After I released Pictures EP in 2014, Marc contacted me and asked to lay down his raps on my track ‘Heat’. Some time after I asked him about new original instead.
How is your process different in making originals vs remixes? Do you prefer one or the other?
In originals I usually start with instrumental and then lay some vocals. However I can arrange already made song, then It’s similar to remixes. In remixes I usually take only acapella and build new track around it. Both are very interesting and exciting for me.
It’s been a while since the release of your ‘Pictures EP’, how are you hoping to push forward with your new originals?
I had another single  ‘Need You’ after, then there was some pause when I was making new music but also was busy managing myself. It’s hard to do promo work and managing things all together. Hope I can get some help with that so I can focus more on music and release more frequently.
What is the ideal drink to have while listening to ‘Paradise’?
Aperol spritz or grapefruit beer 🙂


Panama – Destroyer (Cosmos Midnight Remix) – this one created my desire to make fat synths with the broken beat. But I decided to go faster bpm and not making this a trap track.

Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Perseus Remix) – My favorite of the tunes which have hip-hop vocals and its made for the club/dancing. Also Perseus was calling his genre “tropical euphoria”. I guess that track influenced Paradise a lot.

Bondax – Giving It All – this track has hands-in-the-air feel good chorus which makes great impact, and It was clearly connected to my time in Miami a few years ago. The feeling of tropical party is very clear for me here.

Miami Horror – Real Slow – another track which gives me a feeling close to which I was going for with Paradise. Shining, Love, Feeling Good, all of that.

Rudimental – Free (Roy Davis Jr Remix) – great vibe, soul vocals, freedom, resonating synths. Also an influence I guess 🙂

So there you have it, influences from around the nu disco realm have come together to formulate a wonderfully eclectic, tropical sound that is distinctly Dany Kole. Be sure to go follow Dany on SoundCloud to hear his complete collection and grab some epic free downloads!

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