Well, well, well looks like we’ve got a beautiful headed our way here in the mile high this weekend, and we all know there’s no better way to celebrate the occasion than with some sunny disco jams.  We’ve been waiting all week for this one, so let’s dive right in.

–  The biggest news this week has to be coming out of Sotto Voce’s  Tjani as he brings some serious disco house heat to Cut Copy‘s ‘Meet Me In a House of Love’.  I love the original, you love the original, L.L.The original, but this classic has just been prepped for the late night club floor and it’s getting this week’s headline.

–  The young-gun Syn Cole is back at it and has taken a bit of a departure from his big-room exclusive as he remixes ‘Bright Lights’ by Sam Feldt.  This track is deep, angelic and completely euphoric all around.  Just when it sounds like things are going to drop into euro-house land Cole lays an immaculate stabbing string line on us, and gets some rumps shaking rather than jumping.

–  New York based electro-house power duo The Chainsmokers have taken a huge step aside with this remix of ‘Sway’.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE electro-house, but it’s always nice to see such breadth from an artist.  The beginning of the track shows distinctive influences from Odesza then cranks the funk with a huge walking bass line.

–  Speaking of Odesza, has RAC taken on ‘Say My Name’ and holy shit it’s off the hook.  It’s completely impossible to improve this original so RAC hasn’t even attempted it.  Instead he’s stripped this thing down completely and basically made his own original with the vocals.  If he hadn’t preserved the bouncing vocals from the into this song would almost be completely unrecognizable.  Is one better?  (Well probably Odesza’s for originalities sake) But it really depends what you’re doing Odesza wants to sit back after a long night and spark one, while RAC wants to go on a late summer road trip.

–  I’d never heard of Claes Rosen before this week, but now I can’t wait to hear more.  His latest ‘All 4 U’ is what we in the business call an unstoppable disco jam.  He keeps things very low key, keeping this track very progressive.  Rosen’s ready to win hearts in the depths of his production and complexity of his track mastering.

–  Another fresh face Dany Kole has some things to prove with ‘Need You’.  I love the track and all I know is that it needs to be played at the sky bar of the W in Barcelona with cava in hand.

–  My new favorite odd-couple Vijay & Sofia are continuously growing on me.  They seemingly never rest in their production, curate a great SoundCloud feed, and now they’ve remixed 2Pac’s ‘Changes’.  Now I won’t claim to be an expert in classic hip-hop, but I have long felt a need for a higher caliber of rhymes in nu disco.  Well if it’s gotta be remixes so be it, at least if they sound like this.

That’s it for this week!  Thanks for getting down with me, I hope these jams last you through an incredible weekend.  Don’t forget to stop by next Friday for more of the latest and greatest in nu disco.  Remember, if you just can’t wait, just follow me on SoundCloud and I’ll fill yo’ feed with the best in nu disco all week long.  Not all tracks make it in here, but I guarantee you’ll find some tunes you love!