Inmy constant hunting for the greatest up and comers in the nu disco game I come across many undiscovered gems. Few seem to fit that description quite as well as Sweden’s I.O.X; at such an early stage these guys have defined an eloquent sound, and have shown a propensity for dropping the disco hammer that few possess in this world. They may just be getting a start, and are still defining what they’ll look like in a live setup, but I wanted to get a word in with the guys to take a peek under the hood of what powers some of the hottest up-an-comers in the game!

But let’s get things kicked off with some tracks that have inspired I.O.X to make the grooves we hear today. Oh and you might notice some of their fiery remixes from some of my early posts, give a listen!

What were you guys doing before starting I.O.X? Are you members of any other projects?

All of us were just finishing our studies basically, two of us went to a school called Rytmus which is a music school, and studied music production, while the other third studied to become an electrician. But I.O.X sort of came together in the beginning of our last school year 2013/2014. None of us are currently in any other projects.

What can people expect when they go to see an I.O.X show? What does your stage setup look like?

Actually, we haven’t played live yet as I.O.X, but we will soon enough. It’s sort of an ongoing discussion how we should play live. Because we want to do something a little bit more special, than just having a CDJ on stage.

“Sometimes we remix stuff just for fun, and not as I.O.X because we like to make all kinds of music!”

You guys are off to a great start with your current remixes, how have you gone about selecting which tracks to remix?

It’s really quite simple. We just scout the web for Acapellas on mostly remix competition sites. is probably our go-to page. We check it everyday to see if there is something we like and think we can put our touch to. Sometimes we remix stuff just for fun, and not as I.O.X because we like to make all kinds of music!

Personally, who are some of the biggest inspirations to the music that you guys make?

Well, we get inspired from all sorts of music, as any other artist does, but some of the biggest inspirations are Justice, Daft Punk, Lemaitre, Madeon and Oliver Nelson to name a few.

“To some degree, (Swedish House) has pushed us not to make what everybody else is making.

Stockholm is a hot bed these days for all types of music, especially big room house, how has this affected your sound?

To some degree, it has pushed us not to make what everybody else is making probably.Which is a difficult thing these days because there’s a lot of new music coming out from everywhere. And it feels like the Big Room House scene is overflooded. Which makes it kinda boring at times. But we can’t argue that Stockholm is indeed a hot bed nowadays. We’re very proud to be Swedes!

What factors pushed you guys towards making the funkier I.O.X sounds that we know and love today?

At first the three of us started making House music in late 2013 just like everybody else did. But after some time, maybe 8 months or so, we just kept getting pulled away from it, with newly found inspirations like for example Lemaitre, which also sort of had that house vibe to it, but very funky. And it sort of went on like that with different inspirations which formed our sound supposedly.

“We’re very excited to release our first original sometime this year!”

What’s on your horizon? Can we look forward to tours, originals, more remixes, or a longer length release?

Well you want be seeing any tours soon unfortunately, but we’re very excited to release our first original sometime this year! As well as an EP hopefully, that has been on our minds for some time now. Because we have a lot of unreleased stuff, and sometimes have trouble finding singers that fit a specific song, but we’re always looking for new singer/songwriters to work with. And you will definitely see new remixes!

Rapid Fire Round:

Dream venue you guys would like to play?

Madison Square Garden/Brixton Academy

Favorite in-studio snack?

Well, we’re kind of in loooooove with the CoCo! (”Chocolate that is”)

Top 3 most influential bands on the I.O.X sound?

Lemaitre, Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia

Hobbies when you’re not producing?

Long boarding, Frisbee Golf and watching a shitload of movies!

You’re going to take a road trip from Stockholm to Monaco with a Top 40 artist, who do you take with you?

Katy Perry all the way!

One artist you’d love to collaborate with:

Chris Martin, but we have a busy schedule, so you know “Don’t think we can fit him in”…  

And special for all of you lovely That New Nu listeners out there, we also have an exclusive listen for I.O.X’s newest mixtape. ‘The Real Mix’ seamlessly blends songs that have clearly inspired their funky yet uplifting signature sound. It includes some of the glorious I.O.X remixes we heard above and a whole lot more. Strap yourselves in for a half our of the finest disco progress in the world!

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