Happy Halloween you disco-dancin’ ghouls!  Hope you guys are ready for some jams to get you through this weekend which will inevitably prove to be quite long. We’ve got a big haul of fresh nu disco tracks so we’ll kick things off on the the more electro side, move into some true deep house, and end with a little tropical chill. Let’s take a dive into the cauldron.

-Every year  it feels obligatory to choose your favorite Ghostbusters theme song remix. And congrats to 2 Tone Disco they get my vote this year, and have snagged the headline because of it.  This track traverses plenty of styles over it’s length but keeps a heavy 8 bit influence all the way through. Which can go poorly, but in this case feels SO right.

-The big news this week from the world of nu disco was without a doubt the freshman release from Electric Treasure with their ‘Self Titled EP’ (of which you absolutely have to hear all of here). The Detroit natives may be brand new on the scene but their live-feel production, tasteful vocals, and unstoppably dancey synth stabs, will keep this EP in my rotation for quite some time to come. I honestly can’t wait to hear what these guys put out next.

Elephante is back and as usual, has completely torn up Penguin Prison’s ‘Calling Out’. Now the original was great, we know that.  But this track is ready to take any party completely over the top. Which the original, unfortunately, was not.  Maybe this is harking back a little too strong to my electro-house days, but the big line synths on this monster are absolutely out of control.

-Speaking of tearing up tracks, the aptly named TORN has gone to town Seinabo Sey’s ‘Younger’. This original has received quite a bit of rerub love in the house world, but it’s always great to hear a fresh take.  Basically if you liked the last track you’re gonna dig this one.

Bender gives us a seriously halloweeny deep house remix of the big room crusher ‘Gold Skies’. This mix, I’d expect will be taking over many different dance floors here in D-Town this weekend. Because if a track of this caliber, that’s described as deep house and spooky doesn’t make it into your Halloween set you might need to check your priorities.

Mozambo is a tough man to peg down with this production.  But the Marseille-based producer has certainly cranked out a treat this week. ‘Anga’ is a top-notch original complete with uplifting spoken-word and tons of sexy sax.

-Here’s the deal Monsieur Adi came out with a series of some of my favorite remixes late last year, but of late has fallen kind of flat on me.  But I’m happy to say that has changed with this fire remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Brooklyn Baby’, he’s essentially just upping production value on what was already a great track.

-Now we’re taking a turn for the real chill  with Kungs‘ remix of ‘Candy’.  While this definitely fills that nu disco/ tropical house hole in my heart, but it’s somehow still got a very slow-jam panty dropper type of feel.

Niklas Ibach is a producer who’s growing more and more on me, but usually puts out tracks that are a little too chill to make these lists.  But this remix of ‘Give Me Sunshine’ (quite a fitting name to finally bring Niklas into the nu disco fold) finally turns the corner.  At the same time though it’s funny how a trop house track with such a sunny name can still feel so autumnal.

Sam Feldt and Chris Meid want to take you on a tour of what disco house means with their remix of stay alive.  It’s overwhelmingly chill, but we’re talkin’ the snaps, the pad synths, the organic drum tracks.  All of which provide modern day tutorials with what they should aspire to pepper in with their summery tunes.

– Admittedly ADDAL has been an artist to grow on me VERY slowly, despite his explosive growth in popularity.  Mostly his MO of “emotional” music just hasn’t done it for me.  He’s turned a bit of a corner, at least in my book, with this much more upbeat remix of ‘Burning Gold’.  It’ll be very interesting to see which direction he takes his next tracks.

Alright that about wraps up the week from That New Nu, be sure to check back next Friday for more.  Or if you don’t want to wait just follow me on SoundCloud and you can mainline nu disco straight from my curation feed.  Be sure to get dressed up, get dancin’ and get home safe this weekend!