Welcome back to another rundown of what’s heating up the streets in the world of nu disco with That New Nu! Now if you’ve been following along recently you know that on a weekly basis I’m overwhelmed with the amazing amount of new music that’s coming out and it frequently manifests into huge playlists. Well in the interest of really allowing the best tracks to rise every week, I’m going to try something different for a little while.

Every week I’ll be paring down to just 5 tracks, and it’s going to be tough, ruthless I tell you. Lots of good tracks will not make the cut. Why the change of heart? Well first of all we can all still follow along on SoundCloud to get the full experience of nu disco discovery, but more importantly it’ll allow me to focus on what makes these tracks truly the best of the week. I’ll strive to bring very diverse sounds from realm of nu disco, funk, deep house, indie dance, and synthwave to you. There’ll be bangers and there’ll be sexy-time music, but it will all be the cream of the crop, it’ll all be That New Nu.

Every week I’ll be paring down to just 5 tracks.

Goldroom as I’ve mentioned previously is releasing a host of new tracks in anticipation of his first full-length release ‘It’s Like You Never Went Away’. The new tracks have been phenomenal, and I for one could not be more excited to see what this hugely talented artist’s full release looks like. The latest original ‘Tradewinds’ provides us with a little more context for the album. The track is a deep house killer at heart, and I’m anticipating a handsome number of remixes for this track (should he release stems, fingers crossed) but also showcases Goldroom’s propensity for keeping things upbeat, tropical, and well…golden.

‘Tradewinds’ is a deep house killer at heart.

Mozambo jus proved his French mettle with a remix of Stardust’s classic ‘Music Sounds Better With You’. He strips the original bare only to chop up that timeless vocal hook and turn it into and infectiously bouncy beat. Add in some authentic guitar lines and you’ve got a great track to hook your friends into the sound of this quickly rising producer.

• No shame, I love Shakira. As a pop star you really couldn’t ask for more fun from her tracks. So I was excited when Naxsy dropped this hot remix of her hi ‘Whenever, Wherever’. And I was even happier when it turned out that he completely dropped the disco hammer on this one! With funky guitar licks and large preservation of the original lyric work, it’s more of a reproduction than a remix, but in either case it’s sure to get some hands in the air.

Also if you haven’t seen this ‘She Wolf’ parody video, you probably haven’t lived.

• We heard a version from Kungs, now Henri PFR is bringing us a unique remixed version of ‘Candy’ this time with the original’s vocal work from Natalie Lungley. It still oozes vibey beats, but rather than pursuing a particularly tropical route Henri greets us with warm guitar lines and chilled (yet surprisingly big-room-esque) builds that have been coming so well out of Belgium of late.

This tune from J.A.C.K is going to be your driving-around-town jam for the weekend.

• Finally we’ve got another golden production coming from France’s Justice protege J.A.C.K We can still get a great taste of this floor-crushing production abilities from this track but he explores a decidedly more chilled tack with this original ‘Magellan’. He brings down the tempo considerably from his normal productions and preserves his sweeping sound depth. The result is a tune that is going to be your driving-around-town jam for the weekend.

That’s all for this week, as I said this is a much more pared down vision of That New Nu so be sure to follow along on SoundCloud for the complete nu disco music discover experience. Happy Friday!

P.S. I’ll be out of town next week, so look out for more of That New Nu come mid-July!