Man-o-man 70s in January and now we’re left with rainy drizzle for this weekend in the Mile-High in April? Don’t worry too much though, we’ve got some disco heaters to inject you with some summery, feel-good vibes. It was a real toss up this week deciding on a headlining spot, as each track brought so much to the table. Let’s dive in!

Mykonos is a Greek island nicknamed ‘Isle of the Winds’.

“I don’t do covers very often, but this song has always hit me in a special way. It takes me away, and puts me in a different place.” -Goldroom

• ‘Mykonos’ in addition to being a Mediterranean paradise, is also an early Fleet Foxes cover that put an amazing band on the map (if you haven’t seen the original’s video check it out below). Now Goldroom has laid a disco-hosue cover on us that lives up to the islands tropical soul. For the first time in years Goldroom has added his own vocals to a track, and I’ve gotta say, they sound brilliant. With production skills like this I’d love to see a full EP of non-collaborated Goldroom originals. We’d likely be looking at one of the best indie-dance records in recent memory. Be sure to grab the free download here. • Nearly robbing the sensational cover above of it’s headlining glory was the latest from Keljet. Their original ‘What’s Your Sign’ featuring vocals from Holychild takes a decidedly more true-pop sound than many of their earlier productions, but may well mark a great step into wider appeal for the Dutch duo. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track show up in an Apple commercial to get played to death. A price I’d gladly pay to see these incredible producers gain more international traction.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track show up in an Apple commercial

• My favorite space funk bird of prey, Falqo, comes in hot again this week with the sexy original ‘Sleepy Crusader’. Seducing baritone vocals warm things up while Falqo’s signature astro-lounge funk sound get you begging for more. The track all comes together with a provocative and tasteful and infectious chorus. Falqo, it’s what you’ll hear during your first drink in zero gravity.

Falqo: it’s what you’ll hear during your first drink in zero gravity.

• Two remixes of ‘Crazy’ by Thief hit our eardrums this week each trying to out funk the last. The one and only jackLNDN comes out swinging with a heavy disco rerub on what’s sure to be a lively track for remix work, his use of traditional disco guitar riffs has this mix set above the rest (for now…). Now if you’re in the mood for something a little bit more tropical Le P is always glad to help, progressive piano lines and pan flute stabs have all the makings of a track for your next pool party. Oh, and the original is worth a listen as well.

Kygo’s increasingly stale production seemed to be a marker of a fad genre in the making…not anymore.

• I’d be remiss to not include the molten collaboration that is ‘Coming Over’ by Kygo and Dillon Francis. Kygo undoubtedly was a founding sound in the world of tropical house that has had us all so enthralled lately; however, his increasingly stale production seemed to be a marker of a fad genre in the making. Boy, am I glad this collaboration happened. It’s a refreshing take on the production that we’ve known from Kygo, infused it with classic Francis-ean moombah, and marked a big step forward for an artist, and genre, that really needed it. • As always I like to cool things down a little bit with our last track and Lakechild is always more than capable of helping out. Their remix of ‘Higher’ takes a vocally chilling original and preps it for your Saturday night smoke session. Once again LC shows a particular strength for infectious and undomineering remixes, the type that makes you hop back to your SoundCloud feed just to figure out who but this heater together. That’s all for this week, thanks for tuning in. Be sure to follow me on SoundCloud for day-to-day updates and to let me know if I’ve left any goodies out! Listen-To-That-New-Nu