Well daylight savings has come and gone and things are really starting to feel autumnal here in the mile high. Luckily the worlds great producers want to keep you movin’, shakin’ and feelin’ summery all year round. Let’s dive in to some of That New Nu.


-Yes you’ve already heard be expound about the virtues of Thero. but honestly he keeps coming up for good reason. Mostly his remarkable production schedule. This week he’s pumped out remixes of ‘Body Gold’ and The Chainsmokers’ ‘Kanye’. Both of which showcase a developing mastery of tropical and deep house sounds. And for this he’s snagged the headline this week.

-A rather unexpected development from A-Trak this week with the release of ‘Push’. He’s taken his signature party stopping electro and injected some disco synth lines and funkified vocals, and I’m 100% on board. Trak’s never an artist I’d expect to remain stagnant for long, so taking in some deep house/ funk vibes was a natural step.

-Along those lines swedish electro-monster duo Cazzette have decided to throw things back a bit with ‘Blind Heart’. The vocals here would have been right at home in a 70s disco medley while the hook is deep house to its core.

Jack LNDN remains pretty quiet here in CO but that’s certainly not for a lack of awesome tunes. This remix of ‘Talk Talk’ would feel right at home in any Bar Standard Friday night set, or impressing the shit out of your friends with rad, new, deep house.

Tropicool has been a mystery for a while. He’s become very well renowned for his diverse sets, but has seldom put out personal releases. Well that’s changed with the release of this remix of Miami Horror’s ‘Real Slow’. It’s a unique take on a great track, it’s hella long, and frankly it’s just damned good.

-It was a very exciting week for me as one of the artists who opened up my ears to funk, Kue, has FINALLY but out new material . This remix of ‘World, Hold On’ perfectly exemplifies how a line between hard hitting electro house and disco can be skated, and provides a little insight into how my tastes have developed.

-One of the bigger releases this week definitely was Lenno‘s remix of Caribou’s ‘Can’t Do Without You’. Caribou has been getting some love recently, including an awesome Feed Me cover, but this Lenno remix feels inspirational beyond words. He’s always had a knack for making some of the most harmonic and tropical music while staying true to his progressive roots.

Oliver Nelson gets on my list every time he puts out music, which makes me question my curation, but it’s just so irresistible. Also it’s completely fitting because this remix of ‘Weekend’ perfectly embodies what we’re all feeling, and gets you dancing in the process.

Amtrac has had a huge week. From his collab with Kastle, to this remix of Alesso’s ‘Heroes’ with Tove Lo vocals. It’s a very progressive and deep track but showcases some impeccable taste in remix track selection.

Sonny Alven is another very under the radar artist who’s been winning me over or late. And he keeps it up with this remix of Pierce Fulton’s ‘Kuaga’. Tribal inspired vocal, uplifting pads and heavily danceable bass lines round out a great track. It’s a great approach to gaining traction, make tunes others will want to spin for you rather than constantly making show-stoppers.


That’s all we’ve got this week, thanks again for tuning in. Hopefully you’ve got some good ammo for the pre, during, and post party this weekend. I’ll be back next Friday with another recap of the week, but if you’d like some more nu disco in the mean time be sure to follow me on SoundCloud.

Happy Friday!Listen-To-That-New-Nu