Well I’m a little late on the game this week, no matter, we’ve got plenty of nu disco jams to get hands in the air and impress your friends all weekend long. Let’s dive right in!


– First things first, we’ve got 3 huge originals from LA-duo LBCK coming in hot on the headline this week. These guys have already proven their production merit, but they wanted to be sure you got the message. ‘Sagittarius’ has soulful vocals and shredding synths that will literally rip your socks off. While ‘Magnus’ and ‘Heavyweight’ have a bit more of a progressive structure they are none the less funkified.

– I just about lost my shit when I heard tracks from super new comer I.O.X. this morning. Admittedly these remixes are a little beyond my normal new nu cutoff. But they had to be heard. And I know what you’re thinking “Ugh, ANOTHER ‘Say My Name’ remix. Come ON Griffin!” but for real, this might be the best. Starts off easy and then I.O.X. drops the fucking disco hammer. Boy oh boy does he know how.

A few months back he also took a swing at Cazzette’s, with similar discofication success ‘Sleepless’ remix. Meanwhile that track has received a TON of remix love, most notably from Thero. and Hotel Garuda this week who brought some serious trop love to this bad boy. You probably thought that track would grab my headline this week, but hey, I like to keep you on your toes.

– Our Finnish friend Lenno has laid some new originals on us to complete his  ‘Wake Up EP’. Titled ‘Chase the Sun’ and ‘No More’ respectively, they’re prime examples of progressive-electro-pop-house (yeah I’m king of convoluted genres). Most importantly, these tracks are stacked up ready to take your dance floor over-the-top tonight.

– I’ll be the first to admit I blog pretty much every Oliver Nelson production. But that’s because he never dissappoints. This week’s flavor a remix of ‘Froot’ from Marina and the Diamonds. Classic disco string synths and Marina’s sultry voice make for a smoldering listen.

– We’ve known for a while that the prodigy Madeon has been in the lab. And we finally get to enjoy the prosper from the young french-man’s efforts with this original ‘You’re On It’. Moral of the story if the rest of his tracks sound like this we’re in for a real treat when he puts out a bigger release. My apologies for the shitty BBC rip, if anyone has a better version let me know.

– This is a short little ditty from Zwette with his remix of ‘I Wish I Was’. True to style we’re looking at atypical track selection, and production that’s elevates and enriches the original enough for mellow evenings after the show.

– Finally, I was raving about the Televisor remix of Sirena’s ‘Chemicals’, last week. So you can understand my joy when king of mellow vibes Addal put out this remix. I have stated that Addal hasn’t always done it for me, but honestly he’s winning me, one dope production at a time.

That’s it for this week, happy dancing you disco souls! Be sure to follow me on SoundCloud for your day-to-day disco dosage. And I’ll see you next Friday!