Well, well, well better late than never I suppose after all it has been yet another big week in the world of nu disco!  Maybe it has something to do with the seasons?  American and European producers seem to be on a productive tear lately.  So let’s dive on in there and get some of That New Nu!

-We were introduced to the sexy sounds of Lemaitre last week through Oliver Nelson’s unstoppable remix.  But these Norwegian lords of funk cannot be stopped!  A few days back they laid the impossibly groovy ‘Wait’ on us which I’m calling it, has set the bar for all nu disco producers for the next month!  Good luck.  I will say my favorite thing about these fellows is seeing electronica moving in a great direction for me.  Disco came from full-band roots, and hence it shall return!

Also we’ve tacked on another remix of their ‘High Tide’ this time by Avenue who’s taken things on a much more stripped-down journey, with a progressive synth-line that’s truly to drool over.

-The man, the myth, the legend Aeroplane has graced us with another HUGE remix, once again flexing those big, belgian production guns for us, he’s just here to remind us who got this whole game started.  To be straight, I’m not huge on Charli XCX, but the funk-line that get’s laid on this track is just too good not to post.

Star Slinger’s been making quite a name for himself lately, and this remix of Mausi’s ‘My Friend Has a Swimming Pool’ keeps up his good momentum.  Is it the best production in this set today? No.  But, is exactly what you need to be listening to this weekend?  Absolutely.

– On the very under the radar end of the spectrum come Manics out of San Fran.  These gents have already established an impressive catalog of tracks, but I’m pretty sure this track ‘High Floors’ will be just what they need to take off on a national tour.  Hey guys we’d love to see you in Denver!

–  We have quite a few noteworthy things happening on this last track for today.  First off we’ve got an immaculately remixed track courtesy of the newcomer The Same (can’t wait to see more of what this guy cranks out).  Secondly we’ve got arguably the best name in the genre with Polvo Disco.  Yes, disco dust in spanish.  I wholeheartedly approve.  This kiwi has opened up his new heater ‘Filipinas’ for quite a few re-rubs from folks in the tropical house world.  It looks like we’ve got two artists to keep on our radars out of this track.

That’s all for this week folks, hopefully you didn’t dance all the way through the soles of your shoes.  Stay tuned for more of what’s on the up-and-up in the world of nu disco every week.  And if you don’t feel like waiting follow along on Soundcloud as I repost funky, disco, goodness that I come across throughout the week!