Well it’s been another busy, busy week in the world of nu disco, but today I’m bringing things into focus on the portuguese sensation known as Moullinex who has been on an absolute productive tear lately.  The past week has seen two ace remixes AND a new (albeit short) EP.

Let’s begin with his ‘Love Magnetic EP’.  First off if the title track off of this bad boy doesn’t become an instant summer classic, well there may not be any justice in the world.  Walking bass-lines and gripping hooks within this simple song structure will make this song feel at home from pool parties to deep house clubs.  While ‘Time and Tide’ takes a rather more stripped down approach in it’s production, but shows that sometimes simplicity really is bliss.

And now how about those remixes?  Personally I’ve never listened to The Penelopes, but this track has my interest piqued to say the least.  Which isn’t that the true beauty of the remix?  Discovering new music through the eyes of artists you already love.  Oh, and the track is a brooding funk-storm that showcases Mollinex’s expansive production capabilities, not too shabby in my opinion.  Finally, we’ve got his remix of Glen Check’s ‘Pacific’ (Side note about Glen Check: A South Korean electro funk band?  I’m so on-board it’s a little ridiculous).  Today I’m playing favorites, and this track is it.  Unbelievably catchy vocals from the original paired with yet another hook beautiful in it’s simplicity, has me shakin’ it at new levels.  Plus any track that ends with a rad synth-solo breakdown like this one automatically gets a bunch of bonus points in my book.

Like I said we’re keeping things focused this week on the latest from Moullinex, and there you have it.  Now we just get to cross our fingers that he’ll bring that live band of his across the pond one of these days and light up some stages stateside.