Things seem to constantly be on the up and up for #ThatNewNu, piles of great tunes coming out every week, Denver becoming a big stop on any self-respecting disco/house/indie dance tour, and spring coming right around the corner. It’s amazing being at the point now where I’m really having to be selective about the tracks that make the final rundown as the number I’m reposting throughout the week is getting overwhelming. But we’ll call it a blessing. I’ve gotta keep this one brief so let’s dive into That New Nu!

“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” -James Brown

  • You knew when Madeon and Passion Pit teamed up it would be good, but nobody could’ve predicted it would be quite this anthemic. This original asks you to ‘Pay No Mind’ but we absolutely will not (to this track at least) as this is another early candidate for track of the year. It’s a showcase of Madeon’s signature big, french, break funk, layer over Michael Angelakos’ falsetto and we’ve got an absolute monster on our hands.

 This original asks you to ‘Pay No Mind’ but we absolutely will not.

  • These next two tracks, admittedly, are a bit of a departure from nu disco. But Odesza’s remix of RAC‘s ‘We Belong’ deserves to be on any weekly rundown this week. Not to mention it’s a decidedly more indie dance progression for the meteoric duo
  • Meanwhile the similarly rapidly rising Autograf has taken a stab at Odesza’s ‘All We Need’. It’s a big showcase of his future beats muscles but still holds true to their funk-based first releases.
  • Alright enough of that let’s hear some fucking disco. Tobtok is happy to supply as usual with his remix of  ‘Out Of Violence’. Walking bass, check. Progressive astro synths, check. Funky vocal breakdowns, check. This ladies and gents is what nu disco is truly all about.

This ladies and gents is what nu disco is truly all about.

  • Do I like Gryffin more because we share a name? No probably not, especially as I question the use of that ludicrous Y. But names aside his new remix of Tove Lo’s ‘Talking Body’ comes prepared to break your pop-loving little sister into the realm of proper disco house. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the freshly released music video for SNBRN’s ‘Raindrops’. It’s a great exploration for a first music video, and this track is positively ablaze, reaching as high as #6 on Spotify yesterday. It’s great to see summer house get this type of mainstream exposure.

  • Remixes of ‘This Could Be Love’ by Borgeous & Shaun Frank have been the big story this week, with mixers from all across the board taking a swing at the track. I’ve pared it down to three of my (current) favorites for you: Mitchell Southam comes in hot on the trop version with steel drums setting things off, Cavaro takes a bit more of a progressive approach almost similar to Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ sound, Kids Want Techno (ironically) bring us the mellowest mix with flute synths a la Kygo or Matoma. It’s great to see this awesome original get so much love, I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I find other mixes that catch my ear.

It’s harmonic, it’s deep, it’s soulful, it’s beautiful.

  • Alex Schulz has been on the ups or a while now and his latest original ‘Ways’ sets his best foot forward. It’s harmonic, it’s deep, it’s soulful, it’s beautiful. Stemming from progressive house roots, seeing this chillingly melodic progression is simply awesome.
  • Alright let’s go deep into indie dance with Penguin Prison. His new original ‘Never Gets Old’ feels like RAC collabed with a ska band and injected a strong sense of classic rock. But a curious set of ingredients does an unstoppably dancy track make.

A curious set of ingredients does an unstoppably dancy track make.

  • I’ve just been turned on to Beatsession with this remix of ‘Fade’, but they’re putting out all the ingredients that I look for in a new artist. Full-bodied synth lines, clear inspiration from an established genre (deep house) but with the courage to step out and make it their own.
  • Finally we’ve got the super unknown, Tear Council whose first public SoundCloud track ‘Anywhere’ marks a group with something to prove. I love the 80s synth lines and echoing vocals; it’s a chilled track that serves as great footing for a first release. One thing’s for sure I’ll be keeping a close eye on Tear Council.

That’s it for this week you disco-dancing fools! I’ll be out next week, so you can expect an extra large dose of That New Nu in the last week of February. As always be sure to follow me on SoundCloud for daily updates. And if you haven’t caught it yet check out my exclusive interview with That’s Nice for a look into his mind and some tracks from the man himself. Happy Friday!