Welcome, welcome back to another big edition of That New Nu! Sorry to have missed last week, but we’ve made up for it with 10 heaters from the past 14 days. Some serious heavy hitters have taken a step back into the ring like: Fred Falke, Phonat, and the one and only Duke Dumont. Let’s dive in!


Sadly I must say this is all the time I have this week, hope you enjoyed the tracks. With faltering time I’ve decided to take a step back from the weekly blog posts for a few weeks to recharge and make sure I can keep these posts up to standard. But fear not! I’ll still be reposting and curating some playlists to keep you funkified and dancing every week, just be sure to follow me on SoundCloud, and keep up on the Souls In Action blog for more great posts from our ever-growing team of music, culture, and activism experts!