These disco tracks are specifically catered for a weekend of roof top drinking and enjoying the sun. So get up top somewhere and enjoy the rays!


The Rooftop Boys come in on top this week with the catchy, poppy all-round feel good remix of The Griswold’s ‘If You Want To Stay’. They keep the tropical vibe indie pop vocals and prep it for the rooftop pool party, true to their m-o. It’s much more hyped than my usual top pics, but we’re in the height of disco season so let’s live it up a bit.

Win & Woo have not hyped this next remix up at all, they’ve taken on San Fermin’s  ‘Emily’ and the result is chilling. The baritone vocals carry all the raw emotion from the original with W&W stepping in to bring huge bouncy bass lines throughout, an absolute essential for any rooftop chilling extravaganza.

Autograf has taken a swing at some real big room once again with his remix of Avicii’s ‘Waiting For Love’ and true to form nails it as always.

• The tres cool German duo Satin Jackets have brought Moullinex’s ‘Take A Chance’ to new levels of indie dance bliss. Stripping it to a raw yet undeniably danceable core that showcases the incredible vocal work has turned this already awesome track into something truly unique.

• ALVN has brought some very unique and deep house crusher vibes to one of the hottest tracks of the year, ‘Shades of Grey’. All seems to be operation normal until he breaks out with a huge lead line into the hook of the song that is prepped to make club floors positively erupt this weekend.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, thanks for tuning in. If you want to let me know about the next big thing in disco hit me up on SoundCloud (if it starts working again). Happy Friday!