A nu weekly post showcasing the latest and greatest from a very old genre.

A brand new site and I’m back with a brand new post series, where we’ll be kicking things off with a big set of releases from some of my long time favorites, The Knocks.  They call it the ‘Comfortable EP’ and it consists of four huge, genre redefining tracks, and I love every single second of it.  Coming in to help bring things over the top are the talents of X Ambassadors, Sneaky Sound System, and Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles. The impossibly groovy ‘The One’ shows us that string synths don’t ever get old, while Wes Mile’s haunting vocals on ‘Savior’ fuses Nu-Disco and Indie as only two powerhouses truly can.

While The Knocks consistently pump out tracks that top our favorites, the reason for showcasing them today is their healthy addition of integrated artistry to this release.  In an industry addicted to constantly pushing one off releases, this EP along with it’s impeccably produced (if a little unnerving) music video is a welcome breath of fresh air.  It’s four fresh tracks that are unapologetically The Knocks.  Which I applaud, and as some of the largest names in Nu Disco hopefully this will encourage many others to follow suit.


Oh and if a new EP and music video weren’t enough for you  be sure to get yourself a listen to their accompanying ‘Comforts’ mix, an amalgamation of fresh originals, brand new remixes, and a little carrot for other artists in the genre to chase.

About the post and writer:

I’m Griffin Turnipseed and as the Marketing Director at Souls In Action you can imagine I’m exposed to quite the healthy dose of fresh new music.  But from my foundations in alternative and indie rock, inspiration from classic funk and disco, and a modern love for electro and house a love for the ever growing genre of Nu Disco has emerged.  And that is what I’ll seek to share with you every week, the best and brightest from a genre that was born almost forty years ago.