Alrighty you disco-dancin’ fools it’s time for another red hot round of That New Nu! This will be a little on the shorter side, and also will be MY LAST REGULAR POST OF THE YEAR. Sad day I know but don’t worry I will, along with the rest of the SIA team, be bringing you end of the year recap playlists. It’ll be a huge event, and my lists are going to be monsters. So get ready.

Without further ado, let’s get some disco.

-Big news of the week! Kue is back in the fucking building, and I couldn’t be more excited. ‘Uptown Funk’ is probably my favorite pop song of the year (and a great music video to boot…ok,ok I’ll include below), this Kue remix true to style sets it off and gets it ready for your next house party. Because nothing’s better at getting girls to wild out than a good pop remix.



Also true to style he’s putting out multiple tracks this week with this remix of ‘Young Blood’. This one’s a touch more mellow, but a big progressive line throughout makes this track crush all the same.

– Under the radar flyer of the week is Shemce, whose remix of ‘All Of You’ marks big things for the newcomer. Beautiful track selection pairs with the technique of an artist skilled more than his number of releases would tell. It’s simple, and understated but showcases some serious production power.

Niteppl are back at it and bringing somer serious 80s sound to their latest original, ‘Shout’ ft. Her Favorite Color. Massive, echoing synth lines serve as the perfect backdrop for the anthemic vocals here. It’s a great one for late night drives.

ManniezzL‘s unique take on disco house, proves compelling once again with their remix of ‘Something New’. It’s great to see a relatively new artist who’s so open to being delightfully playful with song structure.

– Of course on the indie chill side of things its week is Carousel with their remix of ‘Strange Enough’. They provide a pleasantly progressive back drop for the originals angelic vocals, but also gear this thing up to fit in dance sets, albeit at a lulling point.

– Very suitable for the New Year is Matoma‘s remix of ‘This Is My Year’. It’s a touch on the poppy side, but it still holds it down with great production and an incredibly uplifting vibe. If you’re not optimistic about 2015 after hearing this track, well I don’t know what to do for you.

That’s it for this week. As I said I’ll be back with some massive end of the year recap playlists next week, so be on the look out for those. And as always if you want a constant main-line of disco in your life, just follow me on SoundCloud. Cheers!