It’s a rare act that captures the attention of so much of the diverse SIA writing staff, but that is exactly what we have here today. Within days of reaching out for this interview I had two writers separately tell me that we needed to get this guy on a feature. To capture attention across genres for production quality is tough for any artist, let alone one who is just gearing up for their first ever tour. His name is Theron Sarda aka Thero and that’s exactly what he has done; he’s ready to represent the future of music.

The 22 year old Florida native may still hold a full time job, but that hasn’t stopped his remix catalog from steam rolling SoundCloud in recent months, or held him back from collaborating with the likes of Hotel Garuda. We got a chance to catch up with Thero in between his hectic schedule of remix production to chat with him about what he hopes Thero can bring to the table and what’s next for this up-and-coming artist.

While you read up on what Thero has to say take a listen to what he’s getting down to lately with this playlist, including his own fiery remix of The Chainsmoker’s ‘Let You Go’.


SIA: For those who haven’t had a chance to catch you live yet, what does it look when Thero takes the stage?

Thero: Haha that’s a great question. I’m yet to perform live but that’ll be coming this summer. I’ve been to so many live shows as a fan, and I’ve walked away from so many with indifference towards the act I just saw. There are a select few (Zhu, Just A Gent, etc.) that I’ve walked away from and said “Wow, that was awesome.” I want my fans to have nothing short of that experience and I’m working with my team now to figure out exactly how to craft that.

You’re very early on in your musical career, but what made you take the leap into producing into producing professionally?

This is going to make me sound like a square but I still have my day job. It’s at an innovative and young consulting firm so I’m really enjoying the work but music is definitely constantly on my mind when I’m not there.

In this increasingly populated world of tropical house, how do you hope Thero will stand apart from the crowd?

I grew up taking basic piano lessons, playing the drumkit in my middle school band, and then I taught myself guitar in high school so I like to think I have a pretty comprehensive understanding of how different elements work together. When I look to the music I currently produce, it definitely fits the Tropical House genre but you’ll notice that my sound is slowly branching out. I started making tropical house about a year ago because I was so tired of big drop after drop, but I’m getting excited about incorporating heavier bass lines and more energy into my tracks as I move forward. So many young acts I hear that are just getting into the game sound identical to 90% of what’s out there. My challenge to them (that I constantly challenge myself to do) is: be you.

My challenge to them (emerging artists), that I constantly challenge myself to do, is: be you.

What kind of tunes do you imagine you’ll be making in a couple of years?

In the next few years I’m honestly not sure. I’m constantly torn between producing whatever I want and putting out content that fans can become familiar with. Right now, I’m leaning more towards making what I think is cool and innovating with my productions. It’s hard because you want listeners to become familiar with your style, but what I’m hoping to make my listeners okay with is never becoming too comfortable—right now, I want to keep them on their toes knowing that I’m always pushing myself creatively to see where I end up.

What tool (musical or mental) do you think has been the greatest help in your production career so far?

Recently, I’ve found the drummer in Logic Pro incredibly useful especially for making fills. It always gives you something a little different and helps me keep things fresh.

When picking a song to remix? Do you find the track or does the track find you?

Every track I’ve remixed so far, I’ve gone out and found. I spend a lot of time on Soundcloud looking for undiscovered talent. I’m doing some remixes now for some incredible artists who only have a few hundred followers and really deserve more attention.

 “I’m doing some remixes now for some incredible artists who only have a few hundred followers and really deserve more attention.”

Growing up, what did you listen to?

I remember when I would ride in my dad’s car with my sisters, we would always listen to the Steve Miller Band’s Greatest Hits Album. I’m actually working on a really different, super bassy edit of a Zhu track that samples some Steve Miller so well see where it ends up. Might have to see me live to hear this one 🙂


Some hard research about what Thero will look like when he takes the stage.

How did you come up with the moniker Thero?

Pretty simple answer to this one. My name is Theron so just dropped the “n” off and I thought it sounded clean.

What’s next on your plate: shows, remixes, collaborations?

I’ve got over a dozen remixes that I’m working through so I’m definitely keeping busy haha but this summer I’m looking to start playing shows and touring into the fall. I’m hoping to put together a college tour in the fall, so college students if you’re reading this, hit me up at!!

 “I’m hoping to put together a college tour in the fall.”

Rapid fire (in just a few words)

Place you’d love to build your next studio? Fremantle, Australia

Favorite on-stage drink? Give me a few rum and cokes and I’ll be good

Venue you’d like to kick-off a national tour from? Mad Decent Boat Party

Best 90s jam for karaoke night? Might not be 90s but one of my go to karaoke jams is Country Roads

Best pick up line? Uhh…Check my Soundcloud

Where do you want to take your next vacation? I studied abroad in Australia (shout out to Freo)…I’ve been dying to get back


It’s a beautiful thing that in today’s age of music an artist can float so well based solely on their skill as a musician. Thero is a testament to that. His is a style and ear that the masses have indeed demanded and we can’t wait to see where he takes us next!

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