And I’m back!  Man you take a week vacation and the nu disco world goes on production over drive.  Great news for me even better news for you as this week’s playlist is HUGE!  We’ve got 17 tracks on deck so Imma run through these bad boys in record time.  Let’s dive right in

-Grabbing the headline this week is the Netherlands-based super duo Keljet who have just teamed up with an artist they formerly remixed Ayer.  While that remix is one of my favorites, it’s great to see what these guys came up with when they put their heads together.  It’s light airy, and ready for some fall beers in the sun.  The unstoppable production power-house Tobtok, took a swing at this thing and honestly I’m having a tough time deciding which one I like more.

-Literally unheard of Long & Harris came out of left field this week to pump out this astroclub-stopper of a remix, can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Nubah get’s the unexpected remix of the week.  Not that anyone’s expecting tons of new Lana Del Rey remixes to come out these days, but this dude has done a fantastic job of creating a song uniquely his own with a track that’s been done to death.

-In indie-dance land the always-on-top New Yorker Penguin Prison is back with this heater ‘Calling Out’ that’s ready for your next road trip.

-Keeping things real classic in the realm of proper disco is Soft Touch this week with ‘Get On Up’, I was a little off put by the beat at first but once things get going this track heats right up.

Manila Killa is flexing his tropical synth guns with this new remix, things slide a bit towards the future beats side here but the sun-drenched sounds keep this thing friendly in any nu disco circle.

-The trend killer SNBRN has tracks to make and wants you to know it.  Seriously this guy’s production schedule is insane, something I’d pshaw if they all weren’t so damned good.

-Another new-comer Moze this chilled out deep-house anthem ‘Sine’, gotta love the beautiful vocal assets here.

Louis La Roche, surprisingly less french than his name and sound would imply, still cranks out some proper funk with this remix of Luke Million.

-Alright so Cokes For Models is seriously gaining points with me like every week for the diversity of his production in the nu disco arena.  This track’s bringing us back to early 90s club, and I love it.

Coucheron comes in with an awesome pop mashup/ remix this week.  Those ho’s don’t have to be loyal if this guy stays on top of his current trajectory.

-From Luke Million proper we’ve got a new remix that brings in a little bit of a darker side from the aussie, but it’s nonetheless on point.

-An artist that I can’t quite seem to get a pin on is definitely Robin Schulz.  His production is awesome but I can’t tell if he’s housey at heart that’s dabbling in the world of indie dance from time to time, or the other way around.  In either case the german lyrics in this song will be fun to play to your drunk friends this weekend.

-Soon to be superstars Lulleaux and FDVM have teamed up for this chiller.  These guys are swinging hard at getting their names out and I can’t wait to see them when they head stateside.

-Are you ready to relive the summer feeling of driving under palms?  Then you’re ready for this tropical euphoria fest from Natural Animal.

-Finally we’ve got the Zurich-based king of all things chill-disco Nicolas Haelg with this brand new remix, if you’re looking for something to listen to after you head out this weekend Haelg is pretty much a one-stop shop.

That’s all we’ve got I’ll be back next Friday with more of That New Nu for all of your lovely ears, hopefully this will give you enough material to be an absolute party-crusher this weekend!  As always you can follow me on SoundCloud to have your feed filled constantly with the best of nu disco.  Keep dancin’!