In the heat of summer we all need a nice dip into the nu disco waters. Let’s just dive right in!


• Grabbing the top spot with step in a completely new direction are the incomparable Bag Raiders whose sunny, feel-good smash ‘Waterfall’ shows that they’re ready to hang with the indie dance big guns. Complete with what are, presumably, original lyrics from the guys themselves this is a far cry from their usual deep house domination. It glitters with sunburnt synths and like all good indie dance doesn’t try to dominate; this track is perfectly happy to be a pleasant cabana mate and I’m perfectly happy to let it be.

This track is perfectly happy to be a pleasant cabana mate

Tobtok if you haven’t noticed has been on a PR extravaganza here in the states, and has coupled that effort with a seemingly endless stream of fiery originals. The lastetst piece of work is titled ‘Shelter’ and has some seriously soulful vocals courtesy of  Alex Mills. Tobtok’s production arsenal seems to be an ever growing thing, but underneath it all the guys just got an instinct for the funk. It’s the little pieces that make this track for me from the wiggling guitar lines to the progressive piano base it’s just a fun track on the whole.

• I haven’t posted a track with spoken word in it in quite some time. So let’s throw it to Buegel & Brett whose remix of ‘Tagtraum’ fits that bill quite nicely. They keep things fairly upbeat with the actual production, and their skating pad synth really brings the song full circle. But, and I’m sure they recognized this, the quote that they built the song around really steals the show. From what I gather it’s a quote from the film ‘The Life of David Gale’ in which he expands about fantasy theory. Interesting food for thought, although I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment.

• RAC’s ‘Back of the Car’ is up as one of my faves of the year, showcasing great development from Andre Allen Anjos. But this week Moullinex gave us a different take on an already great track. It’s long, quite long in fact, and embodies progressive values to the t. All of which serves to mellow the song out quite a bit. But preservation of the lovely vocals from the original and Moullinex’s sweeping synth additions really bring a whole new light to this one.

You know with the king of summer aboard he’ll add some elements that make this tune very pool friendly.

• Finally, although it’s outside of ‘nu disco’ (even as loosely as I use that term), I’d be remiss to leave out the teamwork of Viceroy and Giraffage on their original ‘Impression of You’ ft. Patrick Baker. Undoubtedly more in the future beats/ house genre it still shows incredible productions from two of the top young producers on the scene. The song swells and sways around Baker’s emotive lyrics while getting us all that glittery, wave racer-esque vibe the world is so hungry for right now. But you know with the king of summer aboard he’ll add some elements that make this tune very pool friendly.


That’s it for this week, thanks for tuning in. If you feel like I really missed something be sure to let me know on SoundCloud, plus you can check to see if it got reposted and didn’t make the cut. In any case get out there and enjoy the sunshine, happy Friday!