The Groove is back for an extra special edition for Cloak & Dagger! In case you aren’t familiar with Cloak & Dagger, it’s the first installment of what we hope will become an annual event in Denver. Cloak & Dagger is the brainchild of Brennen Bryarly, curator of TheHundred (of the weekly TheHundred Presents and HOME Denver events) and perhaps better known as option4. Intended to become the preeminent independent music festival in the region, designed to showcase the underground, as well as up-and-coming talent from across the globe. Being a completely independent music festival–that is, not affiliated with the two international conglomerates that control approximately 90% of concerts and music festivals worldwide–allows Cloak & Dagger to have a line-up unlike any other festival in the world. You won’t see the same handful of artists you see headlining every other festival line-up; rather, you’ll see a selection of artists that have been meticulously selected to appeal to Denver’s unique, and extremely well educated, musical tastes.

Cloak & Dagger will take place across four stages, spread between two venues, City Hall and Club Vinyl. We here at The Groove are ecstatic, as Cloak & Dagger features a line-up that is right up our alley! The only problem is figuring out how we’re going to fit in all the artists that we want to see–#DenverProblems.  To celebrate we’ve put together a little Cloak & Dagger playlist–‘little’ might be a bit of an understatement–featuring the artists that excite us most!

Our Cloak & Dagger playlist begins with samplings of the Club Vinyl main floor stage. We start with “This Life” by Denver’s own Need & Necessity, who you may be familiar with as we covered the release of this track on Night Supply a few months back, which you can find HERE. We then move on to Graff‘s remix of Bixel Boys‘ “Love Like This,” which is probably one of my personal all time favorites. Next is a little taste of Homework, a remix of Chet Faker‘s “1998,” which is hard not to just lose yourself to. We then jump more to the techy, deep vibes of Martyn with his tracks “Be My Own Pupil” and “Glassbeadgames,” which he co-produced with the legendary Four Tet. Continuing with the deeper techy vibes we get to MidlandMidland is who I am personally most excited to see! First we hear his ephemeral jacking masterpiece “Before We Leave,” then we get into some Afro House rhythms with his “Checkbob.” We follow Midland up with the headliner of Cloak & Dagger‘s Club Vinyl main stage, the Dirtybird himself, Justin Martin! It’s no secret that we here at The Groove are huge fans of the bass heave booty bouncing House of Dirtybird Records, so we’ve included three of our favorites from Justin. We start off with his recent remix of Henry Krinkle‘s “Stay,” which is nothing short of beautiful. After which we hear his equally memerizing remix of Rachel Row‘s “Follow The Step.” We conclude our coverage of the Club Vinyl main stage with Justin Martin‘s Dub remix of Nadastrom‘s “Fallen Down,” which perfectly showcases that booty bouncing Dirtybird bass we love so much!

That’s just the Cloak & Dagger Club Vinyl main stage, we still have three stages left! We ease into the City Hall portion of our Cloak & Dagger mix with another taste of what Denver has to offer, with the Denver based Action 52 and their infectious remix of Galantis‘ hit “Smile.” If the name Action 52 sounds familiar it may be because we’ve covered them before with their remix of Ludacris‘ “How Low,” which you can find HERE. They also may ring a bell as they are part of the Denver based House label Night Supply, along with Need & Necessity, and Keepers.–who are included in this mix a bit later–all three of whom are staples of the weekly TheHundred Presents and HOME Denver, House parties at Club Vinyl and Bar Standard. To follow up Action 52 we chose the smooth sounds of Pomo, who’ll be playing the City Hall main stage along with the likes of Insightful, Kidnap Kid, Sango, and Cashmere Cat! We chose Pomo‘s remix of Sade‘s “Nothing Can Come Between Us,” as well as his awesome remix of Tinashe‘s “Vulnerable.” To follow up the smooth sounds of Pomo, we chose the sexy soulful sounds of Kidnap Kid, who’ll also be following up Pomo at Cloak & Dagger, on the main stage of City Hall. We start off with Kidnap Kid‘s soulful banger “Stronger,” followed by his sedimental masterpiece “Like You Used To.” and we cap off our little taste of Kidnap Kid with his more upbeat hit “So Close.”

After Kidnap Kid we move to the second stage of City Hall, the ‘indoor stage’. We start off with the proper House sounds of the Detroit House duo Golf Clap–curators of the Detroit based label Country Club Disco, and the iconic House club The Grasshopper Underground. We begin with Golf Clap‘s track “You Might Drown,” which we follow with their funky and sexy remix of Scott Diaz‘s “Get Your Music On.” We then hear their track “Dream Trippin’,” which is pure Detroit vibes. We follow Golf Clap up with the inspirational House masterpiece–is Inspirational House a genre?–“The Final Speech,” by Thomas Jack, which features the audio of Charlie Chaplin‘s final speech in the film The Great Dictator. I mean, this song is just, so good. How can you not be inspired? Not to mention that epic sax! Anyway, we follow Thomas Jack with the Night Supply duo, Keepers.‘s hypnotic “One Of My Kind,” which we just reviewed a few days ago, which you can find HERE. We follow up Denver’s Keepers., with a perennial Denver favorite, Moon Boots! Moon Boots played Denver for my birthday celebration a few months ago, and it was one of my favorite sets of the year! Probably top five! Denver loves him! I love him! I don’t know how you couldn’t love his sexy grooves! We start with Moon Boots‘ remix of the Disco legend Nile Rodgers‘ “Do What You Wanna Do.” Next we chose Moon Boots‘ dreamy hit “Don’t Ask Why,” featuring the stunning vocals of Kyiki–I Love this song so much! We follow “Don’t Ask Why” with “C.Y.S.,” which I think is the paradigmatic example of the Moon Boots sound. We follow Moon Boots up with the only artist we felt we could, Holy Ghost!, who is another perennial Denver favorite! Holy Ghost! is headlining City Hall‘s ‘indoor stage’, for Cloak & Dagger, and while some may be disappointed that they’ll be playing a DJ set rather than a live set, don’t be! I’ve seen both Holy Ghost!‘s live sets and DJ sets, and while their live sets are good, their DJ sets are next level! I much prefer their DJ sets! We get a taste of Holy Ghost! starting with the Midnight Magic remix of their “Bridge And Tunnel,” which we follow up with Holy Ghost!‘s superb bootleg of Blood Orange‘s “You’re Not Good Enough.” We then chose their smash DFA hit “Dumb Disco Ideas.” To follow up Holy Ghost!‘s “Dumb Disco Ideas,” we chose the gooey Nu-Disco sound of Gigamesh. First with Gigamesh‘s super fun remix of DJ Cassidy‘s “Make The World Go Around” featuring R. Kelly, which just makes you want to dance, followed by his remix of the Disco queen herself, Donna Summer‘s “Bad Girls!”

So how did we choose to conclude The Groove playlist of the first Cloak & Dagger? Well, since we started off with Need & Necessity, I figured why not conclude with them too. So I chose their remix of Tiga VS. Audion‘s “Let’s Go Dancing!” I wanted to include this track in the Need & Necessity section, but felt it didn’t fit at the beginning of the Cloak & Dagger playlist; however, it fits perfectly at the end! After all, that is going to be what we’re going to be doing at Cloak & Dagger, “dancing with you, all night dancing!” So, let’s go dancing!

Be sure to get your Cloak & Dagger tickets while you can! You can buy your tickets HERE.

Note: while there are a bunch of other amazing artists who are playing Cloak & Dagger, who we are personally fans of, such as Insightful, Sango, Cashmere Cat, as well as all of the Denver locals who are preforming, such as, Iowno, Samples, Ill-Esha, et cetera, we felt that their sounds didn’t fit with the focus of The Groove. However, you can look forward to another article dedicated to all of the artists who are ‘made in Denver’ soon!


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