The Groove is back for a special edition, featuring another release from our favorite Denver based House label! That’s right! We have another release from Night Supply, and it gets us groovin’! The track is called “One Of My Kind” and it’s by the synergistic duo Keepers. “One Of My Kind” is the 14th release on Night Supply [NSP014]; however, it’s only the second release from Keepers. Their only other release on the label, over a year ago, titled “Hello,”  was featured on the debut Night Supply release dubbed Night x Night Vol. 1 [NSP001]. Night x Night Vol. 1 was a compilation featuring three tracks: “Ain’t Nothin Buddy,” by Denver House mainstay, option4; “Love On,” by the ever popular Denver duo, Need & Necessity; and the aforementioned “Hello,” by our very own Keepers.  While Keepers. may not have as many released under their belt as their label mates, Need & Necessity, what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. But, enough with the history lesson, we’re hear to talk about they’re current release, “One Of My Kind.”

Where to start… Well, I don’t think I can top the press release for “One Of My Kind:”

Brimming with an expansive low end punch, a 16 bar intro emerges from the shadows of this deep house cut to pace the composition perfectly. Building steam with a pad progression, the track begins to take shape behind a finely tuned drum kit; using a luscious combination of a repeating hi-hat and stellar claps sans the implementation of the usual four-four kick drum. This, along with INXS’ deceased frontman Michael Hutchence whispering “Come over here” from their 1987 single “Need You Tonight”- beckons the listener subconsciously to continue listening, while creating a warranted focus on an expansive groove. However, instead of an upbeat, pop synth filled late 80’s background, the punch laden kick drum is interlaced with the original guitar riff and a truly intoxicating bass line to set its highly danceable scene.

I mean, I can’t describe it better than that, haha. So, what does it mean? Well, it means that “One Of My Kind,” slowly draws you in, starting off fairly innocuous, but as the track builds, it hypnotically pulls you in, and before you know it your body is moving to the rhythm without you even realizing it. The hook, whispering, compels you to “Come over here,” and with incognizance you acquiesce to the supplication. You go, benumbed of consent, to become ‘one of his kind’. That is, you become fully immersed, transfixed by the enrapturement of the groove. Then, before you’ve realized it, seven and a half minutes have passed, as the coda concludes, the track relinquishes you from its enchantment. 

You can read about the track all day though. What you need to do is check it out for yourself! If you like “One Of My Kind,” as I’m confident you will, you’re in luck! As with all Night Supply releases, you can download it for FREE!! 

Oh, I almost forget to mention, while Keepers. may not be prolific producers, they are prolific DJ’s. Some of the best House DJ’s in Denver! You can catch them for yourself at the upcoming Cloak & Dagger Music Festival; alongside artists such as Cashmere Cat, Gigamesh, Holy Ghost!, HOMEWORK, Justin Martin, Kidnap kidMartyn, Midland, Moon Boots, PomoSango, Thomas Jack, and many more! Including the aforementioned Need & Necessity, also from Night Supply. So you’ll definitely want to be there! You can purchase tickets HERE.

See you on the dance floor Denver!

Cloak & Dagger Music Festival (One Of My Kind)