This week on The Groove we have the one and only MK! If that name sounds familiar it’s likely because we’ve featured him on Vol. 6 of The Groove back in November–you can find that here! At the time MK‘s remix of Storm Queen‘s ‘Look Right Through’ had just hit #1 on the official UK Top 40 singles chart and #1 on the UK iTunes singles charts. Well, if you think he’s lost any momentum since then, you’d be horribly mistaken, Marc has only been gaining momentum. With a nearly non-stop touring schedule and a live side project, Pleasure State, with Lee Foss and Anabel Englund, you’d think he would have slowed down with his productions, yet he still finds time to pump out new music! Since we last featured MK he has released remixes for Sam Smith, Angel Haze, Paloma Faith, Lancelot, Rudimental, Shadow Child, Duke Dumont, HAIM, Nile Rodgers, Lana Del Rey, Monarchy, Le Youth, and his own classic House anthem ‘Always’. It’s clear that Marc Kinchen, already a legendary figure in the House community, is only going to get bigger!!

Since we’re featuring MK on The Groove again, you probably guessed that that means that he’s returning to Denver, and you’d be correct! MK is coming HOME!! If you didn’t see him last time, well now’s your chance! Or if you did catch him, you already know that he’s not to be missed!!

I have two things that I need to make clear about this show:

1. You are highly unlikely to see MK play at a venue as small and intimate as Bar Standard again. Marc has been playing massive venues and festival stages all over the world since we had him HOME last November, and that shows no sign of changing. We here in Denver are incredibly lucky to have him playing at such an intimate venue. If you check out MK‘s schedule the only appearances he has are festivals (WTF?! What The Festival, EDCLV, Electric Forest, and Decibel), except for two dates. One of those two dates is HOME at Bar Standard, the other is Exchange LA. If you’re unfamiliar with Exchange LA, it has a capacity of 1200 for the main floor (1500 for the building). That’s larger than the Gothic Theater, and slightly smaller than The Ogden. In comparison, Bar Standard‘s capacity is in the area of 250-350. So, yeah, you should go. It’s going to sell out.

2. Marc has been touring nearly nonstop, and I can personally attest to the fact that it has greatly paid off. I saw him play four sets at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, only four months after he played HOME, and he blew me away by how much he has improved. His set in November at HOME was awesome, one of my favorite sets of the year, but needless to say, I was still blown away by how much better he had become in so short a time. He impressed me all four times that I saw him play at WMC, and again at Snowball, so I know it was no fluke. Not to mention that was almost 3 months ago. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more the experience from his constant touring has paid off.

So, what’s the moral of the story? MK aka Marc Kinchen is a House legend. MK is only going to get bigger. And MK is playing at an extremely intimate venue for how big he is, and is unlikely to play a venue that size again anytime soon. Basically, you should really go to HOME Denver this Friday. Get your pre-sales while you can though, because this is going to sell out. See you on the dance floor Denver!!