I’m thrilled to add my two cents to the expansive, wonderful Tops of TwentyFourteen recap with SIA this year! Apologies for being a day late, but these lists are monsters so I wanted to get things nice and polished up for you disco-dancin’ cats so that your NYE celebration can be funkified beyond belief. What else can I say? 2014 has been a beautiful year on all musical fronts as I’m sure you’re hearing from all of our writers. But for disco, it’s been unstoppable. We’ve seen artists rise out of nowhere, classic artists show us who is still boss, and greats from other genres dabble in the disco pool.

Today I present you with two playlists of all my favorite tracks of the year, one of pure originals and one of glorious remixes. Let’s kick off with the originals shall we. There are too many tracks for me to dive into specifics, but we’re covered seeing as I’ve blogged about most of these tracks in previous posts. Take a listen though and you’ll agree that we have some absolute gold in here.

I’ve structured the list to take us from high-flying, indie originals; through disco-electro show stoppers, into some laid-back, funky future classics. You can rest assured though, that including any of these nuggets in your own playlists or mixes is sure to get rumps shaking! To be 100% honest I think this is my favorite playlist that I’ve ever made, yeah 2014 was that good.

Now we dive into the remixes. I had to be a bit more selective here as 2014 was definitely a strong year for the remix, as you have likely noticed. But a bigger field results in a more polished product. We’ve seen beautiful competition between artists remixing the same track, looking at you ‘Say My Name’ remixes. We’ve seen super-stars born of remixes this year, ahem Kygo. Most importantly we’ve seen tracks from across the spectrum put squarely in the sights of the most talented remixing artists in the world.

This playlist is a party-goer, as was seemingly the theme of 2014. Things come in big and danceable, move to uplifting and housey, turn show-stoppingly fun, and then bring you gently back to the ground as we tour sounds from artists young and old. If you need one thing to turn your friends on to nu disco, this is the list.

That’s it folks, 96 of the best disco tracks of 2014, I hope you enjoyed the reminiscing as much as I did. I want to sincerely thank all of my faithful readers for journeying the funky seas of nu disco every week with me, you have no idea how much it means. Hopefully these lists are enough to get you through some massive New Year’s celebrations. Be safe out there and we’ll see you next week for the first nu disco tracks of 2015. Happy New Year!


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