Templo Pic This one was pretty much a no brainer. Since the first time I saw this kid back in May, he has consistently remained on my music radar.  As if he hadn’t had me hooked after my first listening experience, TEMPLO managed to continue to provide direct support for many of my favorite artists who came to town throughout the year. Just last weekend this downtempo master shared the stage with the improvising electronic wizards EOTO at The Ogden Theatre in Denver. According to Templo, this show sparked the best audience response  he’s had to date, and the crowd seemed to really embrace the darker, dirtier style he’s been experimenting with. Besides the sheer impressiveness of my first live Templo experience, one thing that really drew me to him was his kindness and humbleness as a person. His influences also include a handful of my favorite producers, such as TipperRandom Rab, and Emancipator. Another element that sets Templo apart from the other Under The Radar artists is the amount of music he’s released in the last year alone. About 10 months ago he released his first Album called What have I Done. Then in only a three month period, he came out with three EP’s titled Time To FlySunrise, and Sunset. With this amount of music being put out (for free, might I add), this producer must have some pretty big plans for the year 2015. Not even a month goes by before I hear of some awesome show that Templo will be a part of these days. I’m so excited to see what the next year has in store for him, and what kind of new tricks he’ll have up his sleeve. Speaking of his sleeve, a little random fact about this artist is that he wears the same super baller kimono shirt every time he performs live. It almost takes me a second to recognize him when we run into each other and he isn’t wearing it. Who doesn’t love a hint of oriental swag every now and then? Not this girl. Seeing Templo’s repertoire and audience grow this year has been a pleasure. Soon enough I will no longer be able to consider him as an Under The Radar artist.