Based in Boulder, the live electronic trio, Dynohunter, has been cranking out plenty of hard-hitting, gut-wrenching livetronica bangers for a few years now, but its most recent album marks a definitive turning point in the band’s sound as a whole and also as individual musicians. Released on March 16th, The Nomad encapsulates the original essence of the band—a sort of soundtrack to being lost in a vibrant but dangerous pre-historic jungle—yet it also illustrates how far that sound has come and how much it has evolved along the way. Departing from the full throttle sound of the past, The Nomad features more laidback, danceable grooves to massage the soul. Likewise, the guys of Dynohunter have also grown and evolved as individual musicians.

Not that there was anything amiss in previous albums, but The Nomad sounds tighter and more mature than the albums before it. Fred Riesen’s bass can be heard underlining almost every minute of the album, keeping the grooves flowing; Justin Ehmer’s percussion is the precise heartbeat that drives the album forward; and Clark Smith’s saxophone is the perfectly portioned icing on top of it all. Together, Dynohunter has crafted an album that sounds less being chased down by a hungry T-rex and more like being at an all-night disco party in the middle of the rainforest.

From its ominous and exciting opening track, “Summoning Spirits,” the album follows a wavy pattern with moments of heavy, electro beats evened out by sections of soulful grooves that give listeners a chance to breathe before diving back into the party.  For fans of Dynohunter’s typical edgy sound, “Cadence” and “Periscope” have all the bangin’ vibes one could hope for. For those who prefer the calmer side of things, “Sound of the City ft. Precious Hill” and “Take the Day ft. Ashley Nevin” are like a soulful drink of water for the ears in the midst of a pretty epic album.

In keeping with their past releases, The Nomad is available for free download, but please, do what you can to support great music and donate when you download or BUY the album. Also be sure to catch Dynohunter live the next time they roll through a venue near you. Download The Nomad and spread it around. Enjoy!

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