Space Jazz has landed! After nearly three years in the making Michal Menert—the man, the myth, the legend—has finally graced the musical world with another exceptional collection of music. Space Jazz, as the name might suggest, is a brilliant collage of sounds, both old and new, from every corner of the universe. Even though Michal is joined on nearly every song by an outstanding cast of collaborators like Manic Focus, Dominic Lalli, Paul Basic and supervision (among a TON of others), Space Jazz is a showcase of Menert at his best—a true testament to the immense talent that he has. Of course, if there’s one constant with Michal Menert, it’s that he is always changing, and this album is certainly no exception to that as it brings together spacey, futuristic vibes, dusty vinyl samples, various tempos and genres, and a fair amount of hip-hop lyricism. Space Jazz is an odyssey into the world of its creator, giving us a taste of where he’s come from and where he’s going. You can download the album for free, but I urge you to pay for it, at least a little bit. Enjoy and spread the word!

Be sure to catch the Michal Menert Big Band live at Red Rocks this Saturday, April 25th, alongside Savoy, Bass Physics and Sound Remedy.

Stay connected with Michal by visiting his Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud pages, as well as his official website.