Last night I got the chance to once again see the ever-spectacular RAC at the Ogden, almost exactly a calendar year after their appearance at the Gothic, so what’s new? Well a host of new songs, a completely different view on releasing tracks and the addition of a hawt opener we like to call Big Data. I was stoked to get to see what kind of shows these two were putting on these days, so let’s dive in.

big crop

Big Data, living it up with some timed video fun.

Big Data came in with a very mood setting video of their frontman not having the best of time with his technology, a theme which could crop back up throughout the show. They then immediately, and quite boldly, dive into the Oliver remix of ‘Dangerous’. It was pretty bold to kick things off with their biggest hit, but that said this track is an absolutely riotous way to kick off a set. We were immediately brought 100% on board by the sweet synchronized dance moves between “Mr. Big Data” Alan Wilkis, and the front woman (let us know if you know who this lovely mystery lady is!). In all they brought the heat on every track, with the band more than equipped to hit the grungy yet digitized sound the band has become known for.

If you’re familiar with their latest release 2.0 you’ll know that almost every song features a guest artist, who many times supplied the vocals. This sets a huge task for Wilkis, who has to strive to fit into the vocal ranges of artists from Rivers Cuomo to Twin Shadow. It was definitely noticeable to see when he settled back into his own range on my personal favorite ‘Big Dater’. But all in, with the dance moves, the red shoes, and the synched audio/visual experience we were hyped and moving all set.

This sets a huge task for Wilkis, who has to strive to fit into the vocal ranges of artists from Rivers Cuomo to Twin Shadow.

One thing that did not go unmissed was the lack of the reciprocal covers that RAC and Big Data have done for each other in anticipation of their large-scale tour together. If I remember correctly I do remember some RAC members coming out to help out The Knocks, with some vocals at their show last year. It would have been incredible fun to see these two bands own the stage simultaneously, if a bit more onerous on the setup.

After a big closing with ‘Dangerous’ (original version) it was time to let the main man Andre Allen Anjos aka RAC show us how things are really done. I’m still a little perplexed by the dynamics in this live band, Anjos clearly has brought the most on point musicians into the fold with him but still it’s a bit confusing. Andre simply plays his guitar and let’s this troupe of talent bring the stage completely to life. With founding member Karl Kling still around, his wife Pink Feathers on keys, and the presumably appropriated singer from former tour mates SPEAK, it’s almost as if Anjos is Jupiter sucking in artists with the gravity of his musical genius.

The gang's all here.

The gang’s all here.

But this band successfully accomplishes that which Big Data is still coming to grips with, playing the music of other (incredibly diverse) artists. SPEAK lead singer hypes the crowd and can seemingly bend his tone to match every male singer RAC has ever worked with or remixed. And for the ladies? Well the lovely Pink Feathers (Andre’s wife BTW, those two are seriously living the dream) is ready to step in. Unfortunately her voice was a little dead due to sickness/tour (I’m not really sure which) but by the time it really gave up the ghost during their cover of ‘Say My Name’ we were all so head over heels that the crowd had no problem filling in.

It’s almost as if Anjos is Jupiter sucking in artists with the gravity of his musical genius.

This is all the same as last year though right? Setup wise, yes. Performance wise, these guys are on a whole new level. With RAC’s new policy of dropping a new, original track on us every month they certainly had a deep well of originals to pull from. And THAT is what’s new about the Remix Artist Collective, originals. Lots of them, and lots of originals that I consider genre defining in the world of indie-dance. Honestly I can only remember two “remixes” getting played all night, the classic. ‘Houdini’ and the aforementioned ‘Say My Name’. But the results are in, the people love these originals to the bone, and I can’t remember a show where I’ve been so hyped at the beginning of EVERY song. It’s truly great to see.

Simple lights can be the best lights.

Simple lights can be the best lights.

So that’s what the Ogden got a taste of last night, a band formed by organic evolution, played with the simple notion that music should be easy, fun and carefree. It was more than enough to fill the theater, keep the people dancing to their heart’s content and make me really hope that somewhere along the lines we might get another studio length album. It’ll be very interesting to see where this band goes in the years to come as they certainly have the musical fortitude to head in just about any direction they like.

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