Another Wednesday night, another incredible show at Denver’s finest arcade-themed venue. Last Wednesday night, the 1Up Colfax played host to the eagerly anticipated appearance of Maribou State and STWO, both of whom are very much at the top of their game. Joined on stage by local up-and-comer TKettle and SIA’s very own Milky.wav, both headliners threw down some pretty incredible sets. Needless to say, this one definitely lived up to the hype.

Early on in the evening, TKettle warmed things up with a very groovy opening set featuring tons of tracks from his freshly released Rocky Mountain Remixes LP, as well as some new and old tunes. Blending elements of electro-soul and downtempo future bass with one hell of a bluesy guitar, TKettle made things sufficiently funky inside as the dancefloor started to fill up for our boy Milky.wav. Mixing up a set of sexy future/hip-hop beats, low-end trap thumpers, and heady bass music, Milky turned the room up several notches before the main event took to the stage.

Maribou state

Now that the dancefloor was nearly filled, Maribou State took the stage, launching into a lively set of original tracks both old and new that was expectedly deep and surprisingly techy. Maribou State, as it turns out, is one of those groups that sounds wildly different in a live setting than they do on a record, each mode being special in its own way. About 75 minute into their mind-bending set, the shuffling on stage started up again as it was about time for STWO to bring the audience to a climax with a closing set of sultry beats. Like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, STWO’s impressive set was smooth and tasty, easy to wrap one’s head around, and beautiful in its simplicity; a perfect ending to a  late night in the midst of a chaotic week.


By the end of the night, we were reminded that innovation, boundary pushing, and thoughtful, heartfelt productions are the immediate future of electronic music, and that’s something that everyone can get behind. It’s not every day that you get to witness a couple of rare talents like these in such an intimate setting, but that is what make this city and this venue so special. We certainly enjoyed the hell out of this one and are definitely looking forward to plenty more Wednesday night madness at the 1Up.

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