Every now and then I hear an album that truly renders me speechless after listening to it. Speechless may actually be an understatement for what I felt after hearing Tides, the remarkable debut album by Manchester (UK)-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Brewer, better known as Frameworks. The album, which runs along the same stylistic lines as Bonobo, Emancipator and The Cinematic Orchestra, is a truly special piece of music in its intricate details as well as the raw emotion that pours from it.

To be perfectly honest, the first time I listened to the album—on a rainy day a couple weeks ago— I wept like a baby. I’ve listened to the whole thing about six times now, and it certainly gets better and better with each listen bringing to light new details and feelings that previously went unnoticed. I fell fairly comfortable saying that even though it’s only May, Tides is at the top of my list for Album of the Year; it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

From the haunting first notes of the opening track, “Music Box,” Frameworks takes the listener on the most splendid downtempo journey imaginable. Combining a plethora of intricate instrumentation, sweeping soundscapes, and just the slightest touch of electronics, the album establishes Brewer in a class of his own and showcases his unparalleled talent as a songwriter, producer and composer.

Across the music blogosphere, the consensus seems to be that “Old Friend ft. JP Cooper” and “Calm the Still Night ft. Rioghnach Connolly” are pretty numinously everyone’s favorite tracks from the album, and for good reason. JP Cooper’s soulful vocals are enough to break your damn heart, and Rioghnach Connolly’s airy singing is on par with that of an angel. But apart from those two, “A New Sun” and “Patience” are a couple of my personal favorites, even though every track on the album is equally moving as the next.

It is rare that an artist makes a debut as strong as this one, but if Tides is any indication, Frameworks is bound for amazing things in the future. Do yourself a favor a grab a copy of Tides out now on First Word Records. Close your eyes and let yourself be taken away by this incredible album. I personally guarantee that you will be glad you did. Enjoy!

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