Without a doubt, the best thing about Colorado’s music is the incredible sense of community that runs through it and connects fans and artists alike. With that in mind, join us in giving a hearty welcome to a couple of newcomers, Ben Litwin and Eli Mueller, who are just starting to make their own mark with a live electronic project, at.Play.

Basically we are into being creative and trying to give people inspiration and motivation through music that that they can carry over into their daily lives…We try to create electronic music that feels and sounds human.

– Ben Litwin and Eli Mueller of at.Play


Both seasoned musicians in their own right, Ben and Eli started jamming together after meeting through a mutual friend. Eventually the informal jam sessions would give way to a partnership based on a mutual appreciation for jazzy grooves, soulful production and forward-thinking technique. Described by its creators as “future soul/indie electronic,” at.Play’s sound is a heartfelt blend of mellow beats, sultry vocals and intriguing percussion.

We draw from electronic, jazz, soul, and hip-hop. Our sound is somewhere in between Chet Faker, Bonobo, and Taylor McFerrin. What comes out when we create music is soulful vocals and trumpet, rich harmonic language and jazz inspired drum grooves.

– Ben Litwin and Eli Mueller of at.Play

The duo recently made its recorded debut in early December, releasing the appropriately titled “Introduction EP” as a free download. Along with the EP, at.Play is hard at work making videos for each of the six songs on the record (the video for “Color” is posted below) and some behind-the-scenes videos showing the interactive techniques the guys use to create such unique auditory flavors. On top of that, they tell us that we can expect several new singles and a number of local gigs over the coming months.

We are stoked to be in Denver. There are a lot of incredible people, music, art and community events going on. We just get more excited as we meet more people and try to push creativity forward in a refreshing and growing city.

– Ben Litwin and Eli Mueller of at.Play

Show support for a couple newcomers to the Denver music family by downloading at.Play’s “Introduction EP” and by spreading the word. You can catch at.Play live on February 18th at the Syntax Physic Opera on South Broadway along with Fast4ward and CRL CRRLL. Stay connected by following the duo’s Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and official website.