Imagine that you’re on a beach. You have a beautiful companion next to you and an ice cold drink in your hand. Your toes are planted firmly in the warm sand as the sun beats down on your skin and the waves gently keep time in the background. Suddenly, the sound of the sea and breeze is interrupted by the passing of a yacht filled with sexy revelers and bumping tunes just off shore. Now close your eyes and listen—what do you hear? If you’re not hearing tropical house, chances are that the signature “drip-hop” sound of Champagne Drip is filling your ears and taking you away.

I started the project in early 2014 when I wanted to branch out and do something different from SPL.  I explored a lot of diverse influences and concepts before combining the styles that now make up Champagne Drip.

– Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip

Like most musicians, Sam Pool, the man behind Champagne Drip, was immersed in creativity from a young age. Though he was more invested in visual arts during his younger years, he also dabbled in piano and drums until he fell into electronic production and DJing at the age of 15. Before branching out into mellower sounds, Pool produced and played drum n bass and harder styles of bass music as SPL throughout most of the last decade. Though he hasn’t necessarily left behind some of the sounds and techniques from his earlier project, Pool leans more towards bright and vibrant tracks that combine a wild array of influences and are equally enjoyable on a dancefloor or in a hammock.

I was listening to lots of Phil Collins when the first Champagne Drip tracks were written.  I also wanted to incorporate my experience in writing Drum n Bass and heavy dance music.  I think some of the engineering techniques come from writing harder music, but since the goal of Champagne Drip isn’t to be hard, something new is created.

– Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip

For the first part of its existence, Champagne Drip was kept fairly mysterious until Pool, wanting to take ownership of his new sound, revealed himself as the mastermind behind the unique and exotic musical venture. Unlike some other anonymous producers, Pool skipped on wearing a mask or writing cryptic wingding messages, choosing instead to let the music do all the talking. But even though the cat is out of the bag now, the tunes keep on coming.

I was curious to know how people would feel about the project without knowing where it was coming from, but at a certain point the shroud of mystery started to feel gimmicky.  I always stray from the norm a bit and when things become trendy I tend to lose interest, so I bucked the anonymity earlier this year.  It just didn’t feel right not being able to own this new sound that I’m really proud of.  My contemporaries would ask me what I have been up to and I would have nothing to show while I was hiding Drip.  That just felt wrong.

– Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip

Stylistically, the signature Champagne Drip sound, aptly called “drip-hop,” is about as mutable and fluid as the ocean itself. One track may use DnB techniques from his SPL days, while another may lean towards future bass, footwork, house or even some dubstep. Regardless of any technical foundation, though, Champagne Drip’s music is tied together by dreamy and exotic vibes that mesh perfectly with the visual aesthetic of the project.

 I would say that the goal and vision [of Champagne Drip] are in the music.  There are a few ways I could describe what it is, but I’m not really a words person—I’m a music and visual art person.  The sonic style has come from its influences and the music I have drawn from and fused together to make Champagne Drip.  The visual style comes from what I think fits the sound.  The concept is aesthetic and sonic, not verbal.

– Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip

In just over a year as Champagne Drip, Pool has been about as prolific as they come. Since his first mixtape premiered on THUMP in September 2014, there have been two EPs, “Radio Bikini” and “Journey into the Champagne Sea,” released by Mad Decent. In addition to those, there have been remixes for Elliphant, Bassnectar and others, two more mixtapes (including a shiny new one for Insomniac that came out earlier this month), and a fresh new single, “Moonlight,” that was released last week and is just waiting to be downloaded. After talking with him, it also sounds like Pool has plenty more originals and remixes in the works now. On top of all that, you can peep the new collection of Champagne Drip ringtones, featuring 10 unreleased sounds, streaming in the header of this post.

Amidst recording for my recent EP, I found myself yearning to find alternative creative outlets—outlets that were still in the auditory realm, but weren’t limited to traditional song structures.  I found a lot of inspiration in the creation of mini-compositions; short pieces of music centered more on soundscape than song structure. We teased out several of these clips on my new Instagram and got a great response from fans; so much so, that we decided to release these to the public in some form. The limitations on length of audio clips for Instagram gave us yet another idea, why not turn these clips into ringtones? Here is a preview of 10 of these ringtones, which we’ll be making available to the public soon on iTunes. ENJOY!

– Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip

Take some time getting familiar with Champagne Drip by checking out his Soundcloud page. Stay up to date with the latest Champagne Drip news and music by following him on Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to check him out for his Denver debut at Beta Nightclub on December 1st!