The Bluebird Theater is in for a treat this Saturday as Daily Bread, aka Rhett Whatley, makes his first Colorado appearance. The Atlanta based, electronic hip-hop producer has been making waves across the country since the release of his first album, Out There, on Philos Records last year. From supporting major artists like Pretty Lights to slots at festivals such as Imagine, there’s no stopping Daily Bread’s momentum. If you enjoy the likes of Michal Menert, Late Night Radio, and Griz, check out Daily Bread’s latest release, Surprise Ice In The Morning, and hear the new material live tomorrow with Marvel Years and Artifakts.

I really dig the name Daily Bread – like this is what you do, make fresh beats daily. How’d you come up with this?

Thank you. Music has always been a common denominator in my life. Whether collecting, listening, or creating, I’ve been involved with it on a daily basis for as long as I can remember. The concept was born when I started producing music back in the day and needed a way to reference my work. It symbolizes my relationship with music.

What were you doing before Daily Bread?

Before Daily Bread was a viable thing I was working at a skate shop in Atlanta called Ambush Board Co. I handled their early social media efforts and used to DJ the events and contests we threw. A lot of my music taste was developed during this time. The creative directer there, Derek Davis, gave me my first pair of turntables. For the past two years I’ve been curating a record shop in Historic Marietta Square just outside of Atlanta called Sweet Melissa Records. I listen to 7 hours of music every day, it’s great. The owners Jim and Melissa are very accommodating.

You first album came out last year, you’ve already played multiple festivals (Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Euphoria to name a few), and opened for acts like Pretty Lights and The Floozies. Can you describe what the last year has been like?

The last year has been amazing, we’ve been fortunate enough to open for some amazing musicians and play some inspiring places. Electric Forest is an experience that stands out, and touring with The Floozies was a fun time. I look up to those guys and they were very fun. Their fans are awesome, too.

I noticed you’re mixes bring in a lot of diversity from different genres.  Lots of soul, hip-hop, electro vibes. What inspiration do you find when creating these mixes?

I’ve always collected records and am inspired by all sorts of music. I’m an avid listener and digger. My mixes this past year have focused on unreleased production, friends music I really like, and sample-based remixes with some boombap sprinkled in. I like to contextualize things and play things you’ll only hear in my mixes.


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What’s your favorite kind of bread?

I’ve been on a croissant kick lately. I also crave the French bread at Jimmy John’s sometimes.

Name one festival that you are craving to play at:

Tie between Shambala & Hulaween. I’ve heard great things about both and got a little taste of Hula for the first time with Artifakts this past weekend.

Daily Bread is going to be in Denver for the first time on Saturday at The Bluebird Theater with Marvel Years, Artifakts, and Unfold. How ecstatic are you?

I’m verrry excited. I have my man Obeah with me, who wrote the words to “The Storm” off of my last LP, Cloud Conductor. Plus I’ve been itching to get out to Denver for some time now. Some of my favorite producers in the scene like Michal Menert, Late Night Radio, and PL are all from here. That makes it pretty an inspiring place. I’m also a fan of both Marvel Years and Artifakts and love their respective styles.

You’ve opened for Artifakts several times and he invited you to Hulaween this past weekend. Can we expect something from the two of you on Saturday?

I can’t say. Gary works on the fly. One minute he’s side stage, next minute he’s beside you on stage drinking champagne out of a crystal skull – phaser on blast – tapping out the queen break while dancing that fly lil jig he does. So, maybe?


Daily Bread x Derlee – Perry

You’re also gearing up for a new release with Derlee. In three or less words, describe what it will be like:

Best stuff yet.


Don’t miss Daily Bread Saturday 11/5 at The Bluebird Theater. Click here for tickets.