It may take a little digging to find out who is behind the smoke-obscured profile picture on Soundcloud, but Reed Krafft, the humble mastermind behind Dreamers Delight, is a guy worth knowing. Among the growing population of producers who are keeping their identities somewhat under wraps, Dreamers Delight is certainly one to keep an eye on. With a focus on quality over quantity, Dreamers Delight crafts tantalizing, euphoric beats that have caught the attention of thousands of fans as well as Gramatik and the heads at Lowtemp Music.

The man himself, Reed Krafft.

I went to high school in Michigan and then moved to Chicago for college. After a year of studying cinematography, I wasn’t really feeling it so I decided to explore other options…I began creating as much music as possible and used travel as inspiration for my music.

– Reed Krafft, AKA Dreamers Delight

Born and raised in Denver before relocating to Michigan and then to Chicago, Reed Krafft started work on his project while managing video, photo and lighting duties for an unnamed bigwig recording artist. After dipping his toes into the music industry, Krafft began developing a sound of his own, translating his early musical background—violin, piano, and guitar—and a diverse array of inspirations into Dreamers Delight. Having established an identity as a producer and finding a sound that spoke to him as an artist, Krafft released a few singles with the Play It Louder collective (streaming in header of this post) before putting out a debut EP on Gramatik’s forward-thinking label, Lowtemp Music.

I connected with the Lowtemp crew before finishing up the EP. After hearing my music, they were down with the cause and wanted to get behind the release. I’m completely honored and humbled by the support their crew has given to me. I got to catch up with them at Electric Forest after Denis’ set, and I was shown nothing but love. It’s definitely a surreal experience to be able to be a part of this team.

– Reed Krafft, AKA Dreamers Delight

Sonically speaking, Dreamers Delight isn’t easy to classify. Most would probably label his music with the far-reaching genre of future bass while comparing his sound to that of Slow Magic, Odesza or Chrome Sparks. Each track from his debut EP, “Awake,” is as riveting and dream-inducing as one would expect from someone named Dreamer’s Delight. DD doesn’t show as much hip-hop influence as  some others in the future bass world; instead he leans more to the ethereal, psychedelic side of things to make tracks that are as wistful and thought-provoking as they are upbeat and danceable.

Dreamers Delight is about creating a community of dreamers through immersive productions that push the listener to “Dream” and create their own experience out of the music as well as visual elements. In the end, I like to put music out that is beautiful, uplifting and euphoric –something anyone in the electronic (or any) realm can appreciate.

– Reed Krafft, AKA Dreamers Delight

Take some time getting to know Dreamers Delight as he continues to climb higher. Visit and follow his Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up on the latest news and music. Then do yourself a favor and get out to the 1Up Colfax this Thursday (Oct. 15th) to catch Dreamers Delight live (with special guests) alongside Vibe Street, Frameworks and local acts Lucid Vision and Alixir on the New Horizons Tour. Be on the lookout for new music with the CHITWN collective as well as an “Awake” remix EP featuring remixes by Cosmic Quest, Break Science, Krooked Drivers and others which is due out this week. In the meantime, treat your ears to the first drop from the “Awake” remix EP, a finely tuned rework of “Around” by Break Science!


All in all, I’m stoked on life and happy to have the opportunity to play for all of you… Hope to see y’all on tour!

– Reed Krafft, AKA Dreamers Delight