Sometimes in this era of digital music and party anthems, it can be easy to forget that music has the power to forge a powerful emotional connection between creators and listeners. It’s one of the most primal sensations that we, as music fans, are constantly searching for, and I was reminded of that recently after being introduced to Em Possible, a Denver-based singer/songwriter who isn’t shy about revealing the heart and soul that she pours into every song.

With the upcoming release of her most recent EP, “My Living Room,” listeners are privy to the range of emotions—the pain, the heartbreak—that plagued this very honest and talented songstress throughout the past months of her life. Though the softly stirring acoustic ballads and Em’s beautifully buoyant voice are enough to make even the hardest of hearts feel the pangs of heartache, the story behind “My Living Room,” adds even more dimension to each song on the EP. Rather than risking an incomplete retelling of the story, here is the background of “My Living Room,” told by Em Possible herself:

In March of 2015, I released my single “Say Nothing.” Working on that song was similar to my album in that I did not write all the music, but I wrote all the lyrics and was accompanied in the process by some of my amazing band members.

One month after that release, I ended my relationship with my boyfriend, got diagnosed with pneumonia, and lost my job all in a week. I had pneumonia for two months – I was depressed, I couldn’t sing, exercise was out of the question because of my illness— I basically experienced my quarter life crisis breakdown in every aspect of my life.

But I did recover, and as soon as I found out my lungs were healthy, I booked a show for July 24, 2015. I couldn’t wait to get back on stage after my 8 week ordeal. That night, after what was one of my best gigs yet, I celebrated with some of my best friends. It was also the last night I got to spend with my dear friend, Derek. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in the early hours of the 25th, and I was one of the last people to see him.

I didn’t pick up my guitar for weeks. I filled pages of my journal and found comfort in my new relationship. I honestly don’t know if I would have made it out of that time in my life without her. I didn’t feel like myself, hell, sometimes I still don’t. And in the midst of feeling an overwhelming amount of emotions, the one place I found I could be alone and OK was my living room. That is where the idea of releasing an EP titled “My Living Room” came to light.

The songs on this EP are not only are a direct reflection of three very meaningful, life-changing relationships I’ve had in the last couple of years, but also my relationship with myself. All of these songs I wrote in my living room. All the music, all the lyrics—just me, myself, and a bottle of Jameson.

As an artist and performer, I hardly ever play my guitar on stage. I like to move around and have some badass guitar players, so I never felt the need or desire I guess. Many people who don’t know me probably wouldn’t know I play guitar at all. That’s why I wanted to release music to showcase not only that I do write lyrics and sing, but I also play an instrument. This EP is literally my diary that I somehow was able to string together to create a musical story.

My main goal with my music is to connect with my audience on an emotional level. If I can make your day a little better, a little brighter, make you feel like someone else understands, make you smile…. that’s all I want. And I’ll always make music, share music, have an undeniable passion for it; and if you listen, I thank you. I hope that it moves you in some way, and I hope it makes you feel.

Life presented me with some serious tests last year and “My Living Room” is my story. So thank you for listening, thank you for supporting my music, and thank you to those people who have influenced, challenged and loved me in so many ways. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without you.

You can check out the title track from “My Living Room” above and in the header of this post. Em will be hosting a listening party for the EP on Sunday, April 17th at Stem Ciders. Those who attend the listening party will get a free download of the EP on the 18th, four days before the official release on the 22nd. Get out there and support honest local music and the fine people who create it.

Stay in touch with Em Possible by visiting her Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Instagram pages. And as always, enjoy and spread the word!