Ladies and gentlemen there’s a fresh face in the local music scene that is turning heads. He goes by the name of Eoveahn, pronounced “oh vee on.” Andrew Bower is a Colorado native, who will cause movements throughout every fiber of your being with the heavy bass present in his tracks. After an unfortunate accident forced Bower to put his guitar down, he discovered another way to create music and gift the world with the products of his creative mind. The discovery of digital music production changed everything for this strong willed, charismatic guy. On top of his passion for music, he is majoring in journalism at Colorado State University. Eoveahn is the weekly DJ at the CSU ran radio station and is known for his transitions from various tempos and genres of music. His music ranges anywhere from metal core to jazz. The versatile Eoveahn recently appeared on the bill for “GLO” alongside some incredibly talented acts such as Kill Paris, Mt. Eden and Torro Torro. This is only the beginning and he’s about to take the local scene by storm. I got the pleasure of sitting down with Bower to pick apart his brain for a bit to give you a glimpse into who this producer is.


You are new to the scene but you are definitely making an impact with your music. Where was the first venue you played?

The Church Nightclub in Denver! I played in the side room for all of my friends and it was the rowdiest time of my life. I had a crazy amount of people come out for a 20 minute set and it was so awesome.


What emotions washed over you during this first performance in front of a live audience?

Oh man, the first time I had people watching me I don’t think I looked up from the decks once. I thought for sure I was going to have an anxiety attack but all the nervousness spilled away when I felt how loud the music was.


I know your main focus is on the bass in your music but you tend to navigate through all genres. Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

In the grand scheme of things, I’d say that metal is my go-to route when having any influential doubt. There’s something so schizophrenic about metal. The Devil Wears Prada was one of those bands that made metal beautiful by using electronic synths. They kind of got me into the electronic side of music, but Porter Robinson was the one that sucked me in. That guy is a genius.


Everyone is a genius in their own unique way and each artist has their own creative process. Tell me about your process.

I don’t know too much about my process. I hate when I get to the point when I have the music written and I need to make it sound “cool.”  It’s that gray area of EDM that I basically tackle by fucking around with various plug-ins, rearrange FX in the chain, trial and error until I land something that sounds how I imagined it.


Well, you did a remarkable job making your track “Echoes” sound cool. What was the inspiration behind this track?

The death of my dog was the inspiration. It’s kind of weird to say it but I went home full of sadness one day and used music as my release. I started writing and it came out beautifully.


Oh wow. What an incredibly heartbreaking story. Your sadness was turned into a gorgeous piece of music though; a beautiful tragedy. Speaking of things close to your heart, who in your life will always be at the top of your guest list?

An old coworker of mine named Chris. He has always been supportive as hell and is actually the guy who gave me my Ableton Push.  Or Emma Watson, in which case call me immediately.


Besides gaining attention from Ms. Watson, what do you see as the next step for your music?

The next step is through the doors I’m kicking down this year! More shows, more music, more everything. Get ready.


You heard the man, get ready!  Eoveahn is one producer you should expose yourself to because he won’t be under the radar for much longer. Be on the lookout for his EP that is dropping Memorial Day weekend and definitely keep your eyes and ears open for any opportunities to check out this guy live.