Colorado is a special place—everyone knows that! Whether it’s jam bands and bluegrass, skiing and snowboarding, or craft beer and cannabis, Colorado is a microcosm of greatness on a number of fronts. Add to the list an explosive electro-soul and bass music scene and Colorado looks (and sounds) like an awesome place to be.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder why so many people have flocked here over the past couple of years. Among those transplants is Focal Point, a producer and bass player from Austin, Texas who has taken up residence in the fine town of Boulder and is cooking with some serious electro-soul fire. We recently took some time to get to know Focal Point before he blows the hell up.

I grew up in Austin, Texas and saw a lot of great music at Austin City Limits Music Festival and other venues around Austin. I started a band with my friends in high school, and we ended up playing some venues on Sixth Street by our senior year. We were also producing some reggae/hip-hop tracks at my friend’s house that year. I was a huge fan of electro-soul artists like the Gorillaz, RJD2, and Pretty Lights in high school, so when I started producing more, electro-soul became the style of music that I liked to make.                                                                                                               – Focal Point (a.k.a. Preston Flynn)

Fresh off of the release of his first full-length LP, While you Wait, Focal Point (known in the real world as Preston Flynn) is poised and ready to step into the spotlight. The album features all the hallmarks of a quality electro-soul production—groovy bass lines, classic soul/funk/hip-hop samples, and glitchy breakdowns—but also some unexpected flair for good measure. On top of his pristine production and sampling, Flynn has been known to slap the bass next to a rotating cast of other musicians during his live performances, boosting the music to the next level.  Prior to the release of While You Wait, Flynn let loose a slew of  fresh remixes and bootlegs in addition to his initial EP, Echoes of Timeless Skill, a deeper, darker, psychedelic peek into the musical vision of Focal Point. Not to mention, in keeping with protocol of the electro-soul genre, all of his music is generously given away for free (but he’ll still accept your donations).

My creative process can start with anything. I make music that I am feeling when I am in the studio. A couple of the tracks on “While You Wait” were from around two years ago, and I think that it is a pretty cool compilation because some of the tracks were from when I was feeling low and others when I was up. Sometimes I have ideas written down from experiences and really try to bring them to life with sound. Other times I just find whatever I am trying to make serendipitously. The time it takes to finish a song is always different too. It depends on the song.                                                                                    

                                                         – Focal Point (a.k.a. Preston Flynn)

Despite having only been in the game for a little over a year, Focal Point’s track record is already lengthy and impressive. To start out, Flynn shared the stage for his first time with the three-piece bass music outfit K Theory at Boulder’s Fox Theater in January of 2014. Since then he has played together with a host of talent including The Floozies, HeRobust, and most notably, Nightmares on Wax—a show he’ll be repeating this Valentine’s Day at Cervantes Masterpiece Theater. On top of that, Focal Point has also been making nice with a gang of Denver’s go-to talent, playing the Krooked Drivers’ album release party in September and the Retro-Futurism Festival at Cervantes alongside Mikey Thunder and Late Night Radio among several others. Focal Point’s obvious skills in the studio and on the stage are guaranteed to lead to big things in the year(s) to come, and in the coming weeks and months the world can look forward to some exciting things coming from Focal Point’s corner. Fans can hop over to his Facebook page for the chance to win tickets to see him warm up the stage for Nightmares on Wax this Valentine’s Day (Saturday, Feb. 14th at Cervantes).  If you can’t make that show, you can check him out at Euphoria Music Festival in his hometown of Austin as well as Serenity Gathering in San Diego. Flynn also mentioned a little something about a music video that just started production. And if that wasn’t enough, more new music is due out this spring, the first of which, a single called “Do What You Gotta Do” was entrusted to Souls in Action for an exclusive premiere.

We recently started shooting a music video for a single that I am really excited about. I will release a couple singles this spring. I am playing my first music festivals at Serenity Gathering and Euphoria also this spring.                                                                                                                      – Focal Point (a.k.a. Preston Flynn)

Join us as we welcome yet another talented member to the Colorado electro-soul community, and be sure to keep an eye on this guy as he continues his upward climb. Grab up a free download of the exclusive premier of Focal Point’s latest track “Do What You Gotta Do” brought to you by Souls in Action.

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