A few months ago, we featured a truly remarkable piece of music in one of our “Under Review” posts. It’s been out for five months now, but “Tides,” the debut album by Frameworks is still the best full album that I’ve heard this year. Now as he embarks on tour with Vibe Street for his American debut, we are revisiting “Tides” and getting to know the virtuoso who created it a little bit better.

“Tides” was a long time coming for me and it took a lot of time getting to that point. I’m my own worst critic in some ways and it took a while to get to where I wanted—both in production and musically.

– Matthew Brewer, AKA Frameworks

Born in Manchester, UK, Matthew Brewer took an interest in music as a child before investing in a drum kit as a teenager. After playing drums in a few bands, he started digging into production, laying the foundation for what would be become Frameworks. His early efforts include the release of his debut EP, “Vanish,” and the follow-up “Old Friend” EP which paved the way for his debut album, “Tides,” released by First Word Records.

I see ‘Frameworks’ as a progression of myself really. It’s such a personal project that it’s more about my musical growth. I don’t think I have a general goal other than progression.

– Matthew Brewer, AKA Frameworks

Brewer is probably getting tired of the comparisons, but the similarity between Frameworks and artists like Bonobo and Emancipator are just too apparent to ignore. The Frameworks sound is poignant, cinematic and orchestral. It’s melodic, soft and melancholic in that rainy-day-staring-out-the-window kind of way, with each track having the mystical ability to make a grown man weep (I know from experience). Every song is dripping with emotion and layered with detail, proving Brewer to be a diligent, deliberate composer and producer. With such a mellow sound, it will certainly be an interesting amalgam of tunes this Thursday as he plays alongside Vibe Street and Dreamers Delight at the 1Up Colfax.

With regards my stuff being much calmer—I’ll have to see how things pan out after the first show. I’ve beefed up a few tracks here and there, so I’m sure my stuff will stand up next to the other without feeling like to much of a drop in dynamic…I do play instruments, but this time it’s more of an electronic edge.

– Matthew Brewer, AKA Frameworks

Just yesterday Frameworks released the lead single from his new EP, “Branches,” which is due out at the end of the month on Loci Records. Check out “Carry On” below!

If you haven’t already, do your soul a favor by checking out “Tides” and everything that came before it. Also check out the poignant video for “Old Friend feat. JP Cooper” in the header of this post. Be sure to show your support by following Frameworks on Facebook and Soundcloud. Most importantly, get out to the 1Up Colfax this Thursday (October 15th) to catch Frameworks live with Vibe Street and Dreamers Delight alongside local acts Alixir and Lucid Vision.