It’s no secret that our neighbors to the north know a thing or two about crafting some hot and nasty beats. But what may still be a secret is a burgeoning duo from Toronto known as Free N Losh. Even though these guys are busy cooking up some genre-defying, aurally satisfying, and soul-warming beats they still maintain an odd distance from the world of electronic music, as I found out after getting to know the pair a bit better. Regardless of where they pledge their musical allegiance, once thing is certain—these guys are about to blow the hell up!

The music just comes out of us. We try to avoid sounding like anyone else and in order to do that, neither of us really listen to a lot of electronic music. When I get in the car, I’m mainly listening to hip hop, jazz, funk or classic rock.

– Losh

Like plenty of other talented producers, Free N Losh were brought up on hip-hop which explains their proclivity towards intricate percussion and the hip-hop flavors that underline just about every one of their tracks. After meeting in college, the Free N Losh project began to take shape and evolve into a sound that’s beyond hip-hop, but also beyond electronic music. In addition to gritty hip-hop influences, classic rock, soul, funk and jazz all have a firm place in their production repertoire. Throw all of that into a pot and stir it up with future bass, trap, and downtempo elements and you have a pretty good idea of the Free N Losh sound.

We both grew up listening to a lot of hip hop. My older brother put me onto artists like Gangstarr, Nas, and Big L from a young age and it shaped my production style. But I really don’t think we ever switched to electronic music. Our sound just evolved. As much as I love old school hip hop, that’s already been done and we’re trying to make our own sound. When I started out I tried to imitate people like Preemo and Pete Rock. These days, we’re just trying to do our own thing.

– Free

I was first clued in to these Canadian masterminds after hearing their massive remix of Pretty Lights’ “Press Pause” off of the Color Map of the Sun Remixes album. Hearing that remix was one of those moments when I looked down at my iPod (yes, I still have an iPod…with a click wheel), and wondered what was going on inside my ears but loving every second of it. After the initial taste, I did a little more digging, starting with a couple of early EPs—Deadhead OG, The Best Is Yet To Come, and A World Within—all available for free and streaming in the header of this post (get on it!). More recently, the duo has kept up with a steady stream of impeccable remixes including a heartbreakingly beautiful rendition of ODESZA’s “It’s Only” and a sick-nasty take on Zeds Dead’s “Collapse,” featuring Memorecks from the Somewhere Else EP.

 I think we just want to contribute to music since it’s given so much to us. We want people to be able to clearly identify our style. And we want to make timeless projects, rather than fads that don’t matter in the long run.

– Free

I guarantee that after a small taste, you will be hooked on Free N Losh. Fortunately some big things are in the works. During our chat the guys told me thatthey are toiling away on a full length debut album on top of trying to get a summer tour on the road. In addition to that, they just put out a very chill original track called “I Love You So,” which they are planning to follow up with another soaring remix of Sofi De La Torre’s “Lovers Work Late,” which came out earlier today.

Thanks to everyone that’ve been following us and supporting us in the past years. It means the world to us

– Free N Losh

Take some time getting to know Free N Losh before everyone else does (you hipster, you) because it’s only a matter of time before these guys are all over the radar. And hopefully it’s only a matter of time before these guys grace the fine city of Denver with their presence. Enjoy the tunes and keep spreading the love around.

Connect with Free N Losh by visitng their Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages.