Hayden James may be flying under the radar here in the States, but that won’t be the case for much longer. Hayden is part of a fresh crop of innovative, forward-thinking producers that are saying hell no to genres and saying hell yes to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Along with his Future Classic labelmates, he is not only making a name for himself around the world, but he has quickly become one of the most pivotal players that is solidifying Australia’s reputation as an electronic music tastemaker on a global scale.


Of course, considering the combined 4 million plays across his Soundcloud and YouTube channels and the extensive touring that he has already embarked on, it’s easy to forget that Hayden James’s career is still in a fledgling state. His first single, “Permission to Love,” was released in June of 2013 to widespread acclaim from the EDM blogosphere, hitting #1 on Hype Machine in addition to gaining the overwhelming support of Australian broadcasting giant Triple J. Following his debut single, Hayden released a stunning self-titled EP (listen in the header of this article) as well as a series of remixes for Odesza, Dillon Francis, and Emoh Instead among others. Most recently, his single “Something About You,” a bouncy, house-infused gem, was featured on Future Classic’s Teen Idols compilation back in December, and it’s been keeping our toes a-tappin’ ever since.


Given his brief but fruitful career as a producer, it’s safe to say that quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to creating music. Hayden’s sound—some might label it with the non-specific category of “future”—incorporates an eclectic blend of emotive, soulful vocals laid over blissfully mellow beats with just the right amount of bass and percussion to top things off—no massive drops here, folks. Whether it’s an original production or a superb remix, the beauty of Hayden’s music is truly in the details, each song being meticulously crafted to achieve a unique character. It’s a sound that is similar in tone and tempo to artists like Odesza or his Aussie compatriots Flume and Charles Murdoch. But, as with most “future” music, it’s best to just listen and let the tunes speak for themselves.


After having a massive year in 2014, it’s hardly a shock that Hayden is one busy man while touring in Australia as well as the States. Lucky for us, he took a little time out of his crammed schedule to fix up a playlist of some tracks that have inspired him over the years. Unsurprisingly the playlist came out just as diverse and tasteful as his music, including tracks by Chrome Sparks, Disclosure, and Jai Paul. Take some time delving into the music and influences of Hayden James while you’re waiting for his pit stop in Denver at the 1Up Colfax on Wednesday, April 8th.

Grab your tickets ASAP and enjoy the music!

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