Denver based rapper and producer, JoDojaOfficial released his first LP, Translate Legacy today. Translate Legacy is the mindful and spiritual emporium from this young songwriter filled with thought-provoking lyrics, head bobbing beats, and sexy saxophone rifts.

One of our personal favorite tracks are Dosage Pt. 1“, the first single from the album that is full of elation through sultry female vocals between well spoken verses, pulling you into the Doja experience.  
A man of many talents, JoDoja also crushes the saxophone, which makes Funky Town another favorite!  This mo-town inspired track is the perfect combination of salacious sax, smooth guitar, and an underlying funky beat that will keep you groovin’ all night long!
Another reason we love Translate Legacy is the eclectic yet unifying nature of the tracks.  Memories unlike most of the tracks is heavily influenced by jazz, yet, still includes lyrically conscious ideas that almost everyone can relate too. 
So what are you waiting for?! We encourage you to check Translate Legacy out, trust us when we say you’ll love it! 
Translate Legacy is available to stream free on Spotify and SoundCloud. As well you can purchase the album on iTunes!
Track Listing:
1. Dosage Pt. 1
2. Funky Town
3. Memories
4. Punchback
5. Lone Wolf
6. Extra
7. Rich Man
8. Dosage Pt. 2