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We at SIA pride ourselves in having a pretty eclectic musical palate. With that in mind let us introduce another vibrant voice adding to Denver’s diverse music scene, singer-songwriter Joel Ansett. Although it’s a little different from the tunes we usually post, something about Ansett’s voice compelled us to spread the word. His debut album, “The Nature of Us,” was released back in November thanks to donations from a very loyal fan base that helped fund the project through a kickstarter campaign. Fans of Iron & Wine, Lord Huron and John Mayer will surely take pleasure in Ansett’s melodic serenades and soothing vocals. But what really sets him apart is his thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics that are the soul of the album. Especially in today’s industry which is overrun with cheesy, bubble-gum pop ditties, a talented songwriter who fills his tracks with poetry is truly something to appreciate. Below (and in the header of this post) you can check out a smattering of sounds from “The Nature of Us” to tickle your eardrums and pluck your heartstrings. If you like what you hear, you can listen to the full album on Spotify, or better yet you can buy it on Google Play or on iTunes. If you’re in the mood for some live music (and we know you are) you can catch Joel Ansett tonight at the Syntax Physic Opera on South Broadway. Enjoy the music and spread the word!

Stay in touch with Joel Ansett by visiting his Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Official Website.