To anyone who was a fan of punk rock from 1990-2010, this post really should not be considered “under the radar” at all. But for lack of a better blog category and because he’s a bit off the beaten path of what we here at Souls In Action normally talk about, we’ll go with it. Joey Cape, or “The Caper”, as his long-time fans affectionately know him as, is best known in the music world for his role as frontman of the hugely successful southern California punk rock band Lagwagon. Though not as commonly known as they once were, Lagwagon are certainly future punk rock hall of famers, if there is such a thing. Their melodic yet rocking style is addicting, and they hit it big just at the right time, when punk rock was in it’s glory days in the late 90s and into the early 00s. One of the longest and best-selling acts on [NOFX frontman] Fat Mike’s Fat Wreck Chords label, Lagwagon have sold out countless shows all over the world over the years. Now well into their 40s, they still have showed very few signs of slowing down.

Probably the most recognizable aspect of Lagwagon’s music is the unmistakable soaring, melodic, sweet vocals of Joey Cape. He is certainly one of the most talented punk rock frontmen in history, with all the energy and rowdiness you’d come to expect from a punk rocker, but with the songwriting skill and heart of a soul singer. Some of his songs will tug on your heartstrings (Violins, Days of New), while others will make you throw your fist in the air and start a mosh pit (Burn, Sick). He’s got the passion and emotion of an emo singer without all the obnoxious daddy issues that nobody wants to hear you whine about, and he’s got the energy and realness of an old school, mohawk-adorning punk rocker, without all the obnoxious anti-establishment issues that, well, nobody wants to hear you whine about. While tonight’s show will certainly be a bit toned-down, as it is an acoustic set, it will no-doubt be just as fun. While Joey can rock with the best of them, his greatest talent is without a doubt his songwriting, both lyrically and musically. That talent will be on full display tonight when he graces Larimer Lounge with his infectious presence. Grab your tickets HERE and come sing some along with The Caper.