As the future bass genre continues to expand and diversify, few artists have stood out more to me than a surprisingly unknown French producer by the name of Khamsin. The first I heard of Khamsin was his superb remix of “Lean On,” which had been supported by star producer and rising tastemaker, Jai Wolf, who had been playing it in his sets at the moment. After playing that track a million times, I dove a little deeper and “discovered” Khamsin to be another supremely talented artist deserving some recognition.

I started Khamsin like one year and a half ago after a first nu disco project. My goal today is to create more than just music. I want to create a movement around Khamsin, and it starts by a live performance and a lot of work on the visuals and the stage set. I’m confident for the future. I’m lucky to have a great team with me on the project—open minded and determined!

– Khamsin

Besides his obvious talent for remixing and producing unique, vibe-filled future bass track, Khamsin’s strongest skill is an ear for selection in his mixes. Though he only has three DJ mixes posted to his Soundcloud page, each is individually crafted and skillfully selected, resulting in the kind of mix that is worthy of playing on repeat for weeks. From start to finish, Khamsin’s mixes bring together a variety of sounds that are exciting, unexpected and always brimming with feels.

In the near future I would love to tour with live performance and visuals, discover new places through shows, prove to my family that I can do music as a main occupation in my life; and this starts with the release of my debut EP. The first single is out this month, and I can’t wait to show it to you guys!

– Khamsin

I can say with 100% certainty that you will be hearing the name Khamsin much more in the near future, so do your inner hipster a favor and get to know him before everyone else does.

Follow Khamsin’s inevitable rise by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Most of all, spread the word and enjoy!