After stumbling on his Soundcloud page just a couple of months ago, French producer Kidswaste has quickly become some of my favorite listening at the moment. Whether you’re in the mood for some lighthearted future bass, mellow ambient soundscapes or even a hot trap-infused beat, Kidswaste has you covered. Currently he’s amassed more than 20 tracks on his Soundcloud including original singles, remixes and collaborations, all of which showcase an amazing attention to detail and super clean production.

Hi, my name is Quentin. I’m a little French boy living in a city not so far away from Paris called Amiens. I’ve been working on a project called “Kidswaste” for 3 years now…Kidswaste came from the idea of a “kid from the waste,” a kid that has nothing but that’ll fight to become something.

– Quentin, aka Kidswaste

In addition to his individual efforts, Kidswaste also contributes his musical talents to a couple of collectives as well. Along with a handful of other innovative and talented artists, Kidswaste is 1/9 of the Nykom Collective and 1/6 of the Slow Hours Collective, both of which have been putting out some pretty cool tunes lately. For the most part, Kidswaste is pretty easy listening; soaring synths, intricate percussion, emotive instrumentation and cute samples make for an undeniably pleasant listen that hits right in the feels.

ODESZA and Mura Masa are my main inspirations musically right now. But in general, talking to friends or people from my collective is just really inspiring. Working with talented people helps a lot!

– Quentin, aka Kidswaste


After talking with him, it sounds like 2016 ought to be a busy year for Kidswaste as he prepares to release an EP, “Circle of Sounds,” in the spring. He also mentioned that he is tinkering on another side project that, as he says, “[is] not really calm.” On top of that, he is in the process of building up his live show which will hopefully land some more gigs—perhaps even a trip to the US sometime.

[This year, I want to] play more live gigs—one of my goals is to start building my own live show with music that I can perform exclusively live—meet more friends, do more stuff with people that I admire, and maybe move a bit from Europe and travel everywhere I can play my music!

– Quentin, aka Kidswaste

Hope you dig Kidswaste as much as I do. As always, show support where you can, spread the word and be good to each other. Stay up to date by following Kidswaste on Soundcloud, BandcampFacebook and Twitter.

Kidswaste’s Sound Selections:

Kidswaste – Come Back
Felix Cartal – Something to Live For (Astre remix)
Jerry Folk – To My Soul
Miike Snow – Genghis Khan (Louis The Child Remix)