Over the past few months, Kinetik Groove (known in the real world as Austin O’Meara) has been a man about town, sharing the stage with some of the funkiest acts to roll through Colorado including Exmag, Thriftworks,  and Russ Liquid. On March 20th, he’ll be warming up the stage alongside Proper Motion and Wicked Awesome for Robotic Pirate Monkey’s very last gig. Given his short but fruitful time in the Denver music scene, it would be fairly understandable if Austin had developed a bit of an ego, but that couldn’t be any farther from reality. Instead, as Austin’s Kinetik Groove project continues to grow and add fresh sounds to the Denver jamtonica/electro-soul scene, he remains humble and eager to spread love and support throughout the musical community. In addition to cooking up tons of funky fresh jams, Austin embodies the selfless, communal spirit that defines what the Denver music scene is all about.

 At first it was very hard trying to stand out and make my sound unique, especially in Denver where everyone seems to be doing the same thing. After a while I realized that although there is a lot of competition out here with music, it’s friendly competition. As soon as I got my foot in the door, everyone was welcoming and willing to help further my career. People are not only trying to enhance their own musical career but also helping others who are in the same boat. In order to stand out, in my opinion, you have to get yourself involved! Just because your music is good and you have talent, doesn’t make you a star. I’ve noticed that the most successful people in the Denver scene are the ones who are involved in everything, even if it’s not promoting their own music.

– Austin O’Meara (AKA Kinetik Groove)


After growing tired of playing in bands that lacked cohesion, Austin decided to go it alone by recording and producing tracks from his own ideas. With his guitar, bass, and synth by his side and head full of ideas, Austin’s independent project, Kinetik Groove, was born. Combining elements of bass music and dubstep, the patchwork sampling of electro-soul, and the guitar riffs one would expect from a jam or funk band, the Kinetik Groove sound never adheres to one genre or style, but it is always fun, danceable, and undeniably groovy.

 My inspiration comes in all different forms. Sometimes I’ll be at work and I’ll hear a catchy song over the radio or a classic oldies tune, take note of the artist and song title, then go home, download the track, and mess around with it, eventually layering drums, bass, synths, etc. I also love writing my own music.  I’ve played guitar, bass, synth, and taken musical theory lessons since I was a little guy. I love writing guitar riffs or synth melodies, then recording it to Ableton and taking it from there.

– Austin O’Meara


Even though he’s only been making music on his own for a couple of years, his career has been nothing short of prolific. In 2014 alone, Kinetik Groove released 2 superb full-length LPs—Only Time Can Tell (March 2014) and Picking up the Pieces (July 2014)—with Philos records (both available for free). On top of that, a steady stream of original singles and remixes fills in the space between albums.

 When I first started producing it was because I was getting sick of playing a single instrument in a band of people who all had different ideas.  I wanted to take all my ideas and throw them into a project of my own, so when I first bought Ableton my intention was to just record instrumentals with my guitar, bass, and synth and then throw a drum beat over it. Although I knew I wanted to eventually pursue a musical career, at the time, music was more of a hobby. Eventually I started really getting into the whole production/mixing/mastering/recording side of music and realized that if I stuck with music production and went to school for it, I could have a job doing something I love. After a year or two of producing and putting songs up on Soundcloud, I gained a bit of a following. People started liking what I was making. I then started Kinetik Groove. My goal from then until now is to make beautiful music for people, travel, and eventually help others with their music!

– Austin O’Meara

More recently, Austin teamed up with Texas-based artist Blunt Force to release a blistering collaborative EP under the name Kinetik Force. In effect, the Kinetik Groove Soundcloud page is much lengthier than one would expect from someone who has only been at it for about two years. And from what he told us, that prolific pace doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon with tons of collaborations and independent productions on the way.

 Lately I have been making a lot of music at my house. I’ve been working on some collabs with artists such as Vibe Street, Artifakts, Blunt Force, Homemade Spaceship, Transfer Station, and Unfold Music. As for my percussionist, we are starting to practice more, and we are shifting him more towards Kinetik Force, my side project with Blunt Force. It’s hard since he lives in Fort Collins and I’m in Denver, but we have been lifelong buddies and have jammed for years, so it’s not too hard to have Steve come up on stage with me and jam without prior practice. I am trying to keep Kinetik Groove to a more solo project with just me up there on stage, backed by a little percussion every now and then. For now, I need to keep building my name and working on my performance. Once that’s fully locked down, I can start focusing on bringing in more people and working on these side projects.

– Austin O’Meara

By all accounts, it appears that Austin’s upward climb has only just begun. With a positive, motivated attitude and a simple desire to make beautiful music, Kinetik Groove is going to be very much on the radar in the coming year. Take some time digging through his extensive catalogue of tunes and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming gigs including this Friday at the 1up Colfax (with Robotic Pirate Monkey).


Connect with Kinetik Groove on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.


Download Only Time Can Tell, Picking up the Pieces, and Fusion (Kinetik Force) for free!