Every now and then I come across music that is so sonically intriguing, so satisfying my ears and my spirit that I have no other option but to share it with anyone who will listen. That was my reaction when I stumbled on Seattle-based producer and ping-pong enthusiast, Manatee Commune, known in the real world as Grant Eadie. As humble as he is talented, Eadie is poised for a strong year in 2016 with an EP due out at the end of February and a West Coast tour with Yppah, Blackbird Blackbird and Chad Valley.

I’m just your average hard-working kiddo. Love nothing more than a good high five and strong cup of Joe. I struggle between an addiction for video games, a gift for table tennis, and a passion for music.

– Grant Eadie, aka Manatee Commune

After starting out with the violin/viola in elementary school, Eadie weaved in and out of any ensemble that would have him, eventually leading him to a “goofy indie rock band,” as he puts it, where he learned the guitar and began developing an obsession for synths and electronic production. His Manatee Commune project started out simply enough. After producing a handful of tracks, Eadie was in need of platform to post and share his creations with the world, so he made a Bandcamp page and gave it the quirky name “Manatee Commune.” When he isn’t producing his own interesting music, Eadie is busy exploring the obscure corners of music and sound in general, a hobby that reveals itself in his own songs.

I’ve been listening to a ton of improv jazz lately and Afro pop from the early ‘80s, but I don’t know if that’s so much inspiring as it’s just fun to listen to. I take a lot of walks and usually bring a field recorder with me. Recording my friends’ stories always makes me want to hop in the studio, but ultimately I’m still trying to figure that out.

– Grant Eadie, aka Manatee Commune

The music of Manatee Commune is layered, detail-oriented and often complex, yet it speaks to the listener on a natural, even primitive level by passing up any kind of genre-specific gimmicks and focusing instead on soul-stirring, downtempo textures. Any time of day, any mood you are in—Manatee Commune’s lush soundscapes and tranquil vibes are an excellent soundtrack for just about any occasion.

According to the man behind the music, 2016 ought to be a pretty busy year. On February 26th, he is releasing “Thistle EP” and then heading out on a tour along the West Coast. On top of that Eadie says that he has been working on another full-length album as well as some sweet visuals for his live show. Hopefully one day, if we’re lucky, we can get him out to Colorado for a gig or two.

Visit Manatee Commune’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages to check out his tunes, and be sure to show support by following him on Facebook. As always, enjoy the music and spread the word.

Check out these tracks that Grant Eadie is into at the moment and dig deeper into the mind behind Manatee Commune.

Harris Cole – one day we’ll have to face ourselves
Kodak to Graph – Glaciaa
Frameworks – Carry On
foryo ma – spent missing (w/Charlotte Day Wilson)
Flamingosis – A beautiful Soul (ft. BeRod)