The influences of his adopted home of Brooklyn, New York are evident in M!nt‘s newest EP, Through Darkness.  Out now on SoundCloud and pay-what-you-like on Bandcamp, the album is an emotional meditation on the obstacles life throws our way and the triumphant rewards of perseverance.  The aptly named EP reflects a time of transformation for the artist as it was written over a period of a year and a half after his move to New York.

The album art, created by Salt Lake City-based visual artist Alethia Lunares does not misrepresent, this album is dark.  Experiments in genres from jungle to juke weave throughout this beat and bass heavy EP.

“There’s beauty in the struggle,” Cody (M!NT) says of the theme which underlies Through Darkness. “You don’t fully realize how good you have it until you have to fight for what you love. Life goes on and things always improve, that’s what this record means to me.”

Halloween has come early, with bumping tracks and names like “Ghosts“, the dreamy “Sleepwalker“, and the intro, “Afterlife“.  The latter, with it’s heavy thumping bass, quick drums, and maniacal laughter-soundscape drags in the listener and sets the vibes of late October and the tone for the rest of the EP.

The final track “Creatures” debut’s M!nt’s live band collaboration Alchemy, with singer Zaj Williams and pianist JJ Lindenthal. The song conjures a feeling of walking the streets of New York on a cold, damp, fall night contemplating loneliness and the meaning of life; because don’t we all sometimes wonder, “what is left when I’m gone”?

The maturity and intricacies of this EP’s sound design are evidence of a developing and skilled producer’s understanding of his craft.  No matter the time of your life, Through Darkness, will speak to you. So, roll something up, turn it up, and take it in!

Don’t miss M!nt this weekend at Mysteryland USA in Woodstock, NY and What The Festival next weekend in Oregon!