It truly delights my soul when I get to meet an artist who has a vision for his music project that stretches far beyond the music itself. With that in mind, my soul was more than delighted after talking with Joseph Thrash, the mind behind the far-reaching music of Nifty Earth. Besides having a great wrestling name, Thrash’s Nifty Earth project is unique not only because of its exceptional sound, but because it aims to bring together music, art and performance into an immersive experience.

I’m Joseph Thrash from Atlanta Georgia. I’m a tall, skinny, goofy dude who likes to boogie down to some groovy tunes.

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Leaning more toward the downtempo side, Nifty Earth melds together delicate, cinematic soundscapes, intricate percussion, worldly sounds, and heavenly vocals from a variety of collaborators to create a profoundly transcendent musical experience. His debut album, “From Here,” is easily one of the strongest first attempts that I’ve heard in a while. The album’s power lies in its visceral emotionality and its eclectic blend of instruments and sounds that transport the listener around the globe without ever having to leave the couch.

Currently my biggest influences in music are Emancipator, Bonobo, Tycho, Thievery Corporation, Pretty Lights, Gramatik, and Odesza to name a few. I’d also claim that soundtracks by John Williams and definitely Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings) have guided my musical direction. I love the idea of adventure and discovery being a part of the musical experience.

– Joseph Thrash, aka Nifty earth

Apart from his music, Thrash’s best quality is his grounded, positive attitude and his understanding of what music is fundamentally about: community, belonging and connection.

My vision as a whole is an extremely large one but I strive to work towards it every day.  Essentially I want Nifty Earth to be an incredibly diverse experience. The music itself would vary and transpose you into different sonic environments. The live show would consist of musicians, dancers and artists from around the globe that would participate in a huge performance filled with eclectic sounds, sights and feelings…There is also much to be said for my goals that are not directly musical. The mantra of Nifty Earth is “unity through diversity.” I want each and every person who listens to feel a sense of belonging. I want them to feel like their individuality can be expressed without judgement, only acceptance. If I can nurture a community of people who believe in these ideals through the medium of music, then I’d never be happier.

– Joseph Thrash, aka Nifty earth

Do yourself a favor and dig into Nifty Earth’s music—your soul will be glad you did. Keep an eye on Nifty Earth’s progress by following him on Facebook, Soundcloud and his official website. Show your support, spread the word and enjoy!