Sometimes great music comes from unlikely sources. In this case, some of the most melodic and mentally stimulating tunes that I have heard this year are coming from Canadian producer, Nigel Good, who somehow finds time away from his career as school teacher to make incredibly stirring music.

Nigel Good

Nigel Good

Not only does Good manage to make time in his busy schedule to produce, but he seems to be a talented time-juggler to boot. His Soundcloud page is filled up with two full-length LPs, an EP of “unreleased” songs, a cache of remixes and a lengthy catalogue of abandoned concepts—we’re talking dozens of unreleased songs and ideas spanning the last several years. And if that weren’t impressive enough, Good is also a friend to the aspiring producer, posting tutorials, explanations and behind-the scenes looks at how he achieves his sound.

I first took note of Nigel Good after happily stumbling on his “Stepping Stones EP,” which, as he writes in the piece’s description, were song ideas that he stepped away from as he moved on to a new computer and new software. Though the songs on that EP were never formally released, they are pure aural pleasure. Listening to “Stepping Stones” motivated me to check out his previous LP, “Nothing Out Here,” which is equally remarkable as the EP if not even more refined. Good’s most recent album, “Space Cadet”—a lush, complex masterpiece—was released on Monstercat almost a month ago.

Though his sound is unique and mercurial, Nigel Good’s music emulates the euphoric, escapist vibes of “Worlds”-era Porter Robinson or Slow Magic with the melodic tendencies of artists like Mitis or Ramses B—just to give you an idea. His productions are impossibly smooth and clean with beauty of hidden in the details and intricacies of each song. Some tracks are mellow and peaceful; others are progressive and epic—he does it all.

Take some time getting to know Nigel Good—and believe me, you’re going to need plenty of time. Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook and YouTube for the latest news and music. But most importantly, enjoy the sounds and show your support by purchasing “Space Cadet” on iTunes or Bandcamp.

For your listening pleasure, you can also check out a playlist of Nigel Good’s top five tracks of the moment (also streaming in the header of this post).

1) Puppet – Without Me

2) No Mana – Tell Me

3) Daft Punk – Face To Face (Uppermost Remix)

4) Laszlo – Closer  

5) Rameses B – Faster Than Light